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One of the greatest modern console wars occurred when PlayStation entered the scene with its PlayStation, which competed shoulder to shoulder with the Nintendo 64. Each console had its flagship games, but one managed to stand out and defined platformer games in 3D, We are talking about Super Mario 64. There has always been a question of how the game would look if it ran on a competitor’s console, and today, after several decades, there is an answer, as a user managed to run the game on PlayStation 2 in a native.

Last year some fans began the project to decipher the source code of Super Mario 64 to carry out a port for PC, which was released in the middle of this year. Well, the enthusiast community also worked on bringing this title to PlayStation 2 and apparently they have succeeded.

Through his YouTube channel, YouTube user Fred Wood shared the tests in which Super Mario 64 is seen running natively on PlayStation 2, this means that the title runs a port of the game on the console, without emulators, something that had not been done before.

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There is already a player who set a record in the port of Super Mario 64 for PlayStation 2

As you can see below, although the hardware plays a fundamental role in the way the games are executed, the port does not show any performance irregularities when running on PlayStation 2. The player even managed to speedrun the game, which It took about 1 hour and a half (it is important to say that I had to finish it non-stop, as there are no save points in this port). During the game, there was no game-breaking irregularity.

However, the port had some notable but occasional issues with the textures of various elements of the title, such as character shadows and other details. This problem can be easily noticed in the ending sequence, in which Toads can be seen with a completely dark head or a Mario with irregularities in his face, which could lead to interesting creepypastas.

Fortunately, none of these problems affected the gameplay and Fred Wood managed to complete the game without problems, and even set a world record, being the first person to finish the title on a PlayStation 2, apart from doing it in a low time although not the best overall. Either way, it is a great feat.

If you want to see what we’re talking about, we invite you to see the final sequence, as well as the credits in the video below.

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The user then uploaded a new video in which he shows that the problem with the textures was corrected and he also managed to run a better speedrun. You can check the result below.

What did you think of this feat? Would you have liked to play Super Mario 64 on a PlayStation 2? Tell us in the comments.

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