Jennifer and his partner get along wonderfully, and this has been shown on several occasions, since both in their profiles almost post daily how much they love each other. To distract the mind in the midst of confinement, the couple does various activities a day, and among them is recording themselves doing one of the things they like most: Dancing!

JLO In addition to being an actress and dancer, she is also a singer and among her songs one of the most famous that has marked history has been ‘Dance Again’, a song she performed with Pitbull, in mid-2012.

With this song in the background, Jennifer She challenged her fiancé and, of course, he accepted the challenge, as we followed in the footsteps of his wife, most of us were impressed, since it is obviously not easy to follow the rhythm and energy that this woman has.

The video is just days after the Bronx diva posted it on her Instagram profile, and so far has more than 14,000 views.

How could I not challenge @arod to the #WorldOfDanceAgain Challenge? Macho has movements !!!! You don’t want to miss tonight’s episode of @ nbcworldofdance because he can just steal the show. #worldofdance