Amazing! Hamilton trolled Checho Pérez through his Instagram

Lewis Hamilton.

Photo: Angel Ferretiz / Imago7

Lewis Hamilton did not waste the opportunity to play a prank on Sergio ´Checo ‘Pérez through his Instagram after the Mexican performed a strength exercise on the neck. A very important practice for any Formula 1 driver.

The British pilot uploaded a story to his Instagram account where the ‘Czech’ is seen training hard applying great force to his neck and at the end you can see how he makes a clear gesture of relief that Hamilton associated with a funny moment.

“That moment when you’ve been holding one (flatulence) during a date and she finally leaves and you let it go. Sorry, Checo, I had to do it, “wrote the seven-time champion in the video, thus creating the fun trolling that he played on the” Checo “and showing the good relationship between the two.

Checo Pérez doing a strength exercise on the neck.

For its part, Free Practice 1 and 2 will be held this Friday in Imola, where Checo will seek his first podium with Red Bull on the second date of the season.