The social networks have become a millionaire business for some celebrities, who through their publications can directly access an audience that can exceed one hundred million people, an amount much desired by large companies.

Selena Gomez integrates the list of celebrities with the most followers of Instagram. The American artist of Hispanic origin has 182 million followers, who are not only his loyal fans, but make up a first-rate source of profit for the former Disney girl.

According to social media marketing firm Hopper HQ, Selena Gomez can charge up to $ 848,000 for a publication sponsored in Instagram, which makes her the sixth highest paid celebrity on the social network.

TO Selena Gomez They are surpassed by The Rock, which can charge up to $ 1,050,000 for the same concept, Kylie Jenner with $ 986,000, Cristiano Ronaldo with $ 899,000, Kim Kardashian with $ 858,000 and Ariana Grande with $ 853,000.

The list of the ten celebrities who make the most profit thanks to their accounts Instagram It is closed by Beyonce Knowles with $ 770,000 per ad, Justin Bieber with $ 747,000, Taylor Swift with $ 722,000 and Neymar Junior with $ 704,000.

What differentiates Selena Gomez of this group of celebrities is that this artist has shown a special sensitivity that has led her to relinquish control of her powerful account of Instagram to social movements for up to several weeks, as happened recently.

Selena Gomez she felt very involved with the demands of the Movement Black Lives Matter, which emerged in rejection of racist police brutality and discrimination against people of color in the United States.

A few years ago when Selena Gomez was the famous with the most followers in Instagram She made the following statement: « I promise that I will continue to appreciate this platform and use it to tell the truth », a whole declaration of principles that the artist has tried to honor.