Amanda Miguel reveals the reasons for cutting her voluptuous hair – El Sol de México

The Argentine singer Amanda Miguel surprised her fans by showing herself without her voluptuous hair that has accompanied her throughout her artistic career.

The interpreter of He Lied to Me shared her new look on her social networks: short wavy and platinum hair.

“I know that for many it will be a shock to see me without my traditional hair, but at the beginning of the pandemic I decided to cut it off and let it grow from scratch with the color that I already have naturally,” he said in his message.

In an interview with Paty Chapoy for the Ventaneando program, Amanda Miguel revealed the reasons why she said goodbye to her hair.

The artist commented that as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, she has taken care of herself because she does not want to get sick.

“This pandemic has taught me to take good care of myself, I do not want to get sick, I have not been vaccinated yet, but more than ever I am appreciating my life, my moments with myself,” she mentioned.

He decided to cut his hair “at the beginning of the pandemic with my daughter. I had wanted to cut my hair for a long time, I was very tired of my hair, it was not the same, it was not so pretty, it no longer had shine, it was dry.

He confessed that it was difficult for him to get ready for the shows, “looking good, painting was another subject that had me exhausted and I decided for a change.”

Amanda Miguel knows that this is a shock for her fans without that hair, but it is a decision she made to “feel good about myself.”