Amalucan Market will be demolished in its entirety: IMPLAN

The coordinator of the Municipal Planning Institute (IMPLAN), Gerardo Ríos Bermúdez, said that the Amalucan market remodeling project will be carried out and clarified that will be demolished in its entirety, but the spaces of the tenants will be respected and the works will begin after presenting the executive project that is expected to be in the month of March.

In a press conference jointly with the municipal president, Claudia Rivera Vivanco, who highlighted that ethere is misinformation about the project of the urban improvement of this supply center.

He said that this project is about social justice and the opportunity for urban development, for which he emphasized that it is appropriate to the corresponding regulations and with the consensus of the citizens.

In turn, the head of the IMPLAN specified that various meetings have been held with market tenants with the Secretariat of Agrarian, Territorial and Urban Development (Sedatu) and with the government, therefore they have signed documents to endorse the project.

Given this, he indicated that there will be no relocation of merchants and their spaces that they currently occupy will be respected, being one of the requests that they have requested and that the federal agency accepted.

« Yes, there will be a demolition of the market, there will be a new construction more frequently and with improved accessibility, more footage to be able to market, » said the municipal official.

He also commented there are four works that will be carried out with the federation such as the Renovation of the Puebla zócalo, construction of the Amalucan market, construction of Parque de Barrio, in the México 83 neighborhood; construction of Agora, House of Culture, Cycle Parking, Market, Promenade and the Linear Park « Carmela Hydroelectric Plant », with an investment of more than 180 million pesos.

Similarly, he confirmed that construction will begin in approximately 15 daysOnce the executive project is presented and the delivery of the same will be in the month of September or October and the four will be carried out simultaneously with similar calendars.

Ríos Bermúdez clarified that it will be Sedatu that will request the corresponding permits for the environmental impact study, in addition to the fact that the tender and the works have already been carried out, therefore it has contracted construction companies and even said that they have the endorsement of the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH).

The person in charge of the IMPLAN commented that the disagreements that have been presented by some tenants have been resolved, so it is trusted that there will be no problems for the project to start.

He assured that the four projects that they will carry out with Sedatu do not go against the environment and that the federation is responsible for processing the permits with the state government.