Am I sure I am who I am?

After seeing this short film, let’s not waste time on useless questions. Let’s forget the rational explanations, the headaches. Nimic by Yorgos Lanthimos, it is much more enjoyable if one overcomes the immediate confusion that it generates and, after taking a couple of deep breaths, allows its content to go directly to the subconscious, where it has to be left to rest for a few days – there will be those who need weeks.

After that time of grace it will be possible – now yes – to ask oneself questions that, although they do not obey logic, will be the most interesting, especially if they are not located in a general plan, but instead choose to formulate them for oneself :

Actor Matt Dillon stars in Yorgos Lanthimos’s short film, which was filmed in Mexico City.

Am I sure I am who I think I am?

The above is a question that will probably arise at the beginning of this exercise: doubt, it must be said, that it is not only valid but also usually very entertaining.

Here’s another one: What meaning does a most ordinary object hide –But at the same time endowed with a powerful symbolism, as Dalí’s work shows us– how is an egg?

And if, such is my case, I prefer to eat it starry than water: is that a sign that I have a better psychic and emotional integrity than those who prefer them warm? Do I have more capacities, then, to safeguard my Self? ?

At this point, and after so many movies we’ve seen of Lanthimos (My condolences for those who have not done it: he has lost a lot), we should already know that the Greek director cannot be read in a conventional way, except in La Favorite, and that with his flats. The same thing happens with David lynch. Both present worlds peppered with oneirism and apparent ravings that, although they are the antipodes of the commercial cinema to which we are used, have the quality of staying in our heads with even greater intensity and persistence. I can’t quite remember a single memorable Gemini Man sequence right now, but oh, how do you get out of your mind that sinister family of Inland Empire rabbits or, of course, that tremendous Dogtooth self-injury scene?

The actress Daphne Patakia plays a kind of identity thief in Nimic.

Serve this last reflection to continue with the fun mode of interrogations. For example, I can’t help wondering if I would rather find a Lynch nightmare filmed by Lanthimos in the cinema or if I would opt for the inverse equation. For the sake of maintaining my inner peace I think I would opt for the former, but I am not entirely convinced. I still need a few more months to finish locating in my brain what I list below: the lost gaze of Matt dillon; a strident cello; the lonely streets of Mexico City; a couple of blanquillos dancing in pristine, bubbly water. After that, we’ll see.

Nimic is available in MUBI Latin America. Its production also had the participation of the Mexican cinematographer Diego Garcia and the Mexican production designer Daniela schneider.

yorgos lanthimos

Carlos Jesús González Carlos Jesús (aka Chuy) is a freelance writer and journalist. Since 2006 he lives in Berlin, from where he collaborates for different media. His passions are his family, beer, writing stories and the cinema of the seventies.