Álvaro Morata, message to the ‘haters’ of Spain: “I want to see what they say now” | Spain

Alvaro Morata appeared before the TVE microphone after the beating from Spain to Germany. The Juventus forward, author of the first goal of the win, claimed the role of the National Team after several days of criticism derived from a lack of goal that this Tuesday was corrected.

«These are things that we have to do, it is our job. The other day we played a great game but sometimes the ball doesn’t go in. Now I would like to see what people are going to say against a selection who could be world champion. I want to see what is said out there because you can not put any but beyond the team spirit. You have to have faith and hope and I hope that people will be with us for what lies ahead. We have a great challenge ahead of us with this competition and with the European Championship, ”Morata began, speaking openly and defending the team from criticism.

Asked if he was hurt by what had been said in previous days, Morata reflected his opinion. “Not at all. What happens is that there is always something, when we do not score a goal is that we do not score it and when we do it to see what is said, I want to get home and see it », he admitted, noting that “apart from winning we knew that we had an opportunity to send a strong message to people and we have done it.

Morata gave importance to the great match of Spain, adding that this should serve for the future. «What is certain is that it was our best match with this coachYou have to take it to see the things we have done, as we have done with the other games. We would like it to always be like this but it is about continuing to evolve together for when the final phase arrives.

«If I have to take two and they give me one, I’ll sign it, I do my job, I knew it was not offside, so I am not going to stay to protest, “he completed, about the disallowed goal that would have been the second in his private account.