New controversy in the Congress of Deputies. The PP spokeswoman in the Chamber, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, has lashed out against the second vice-president of the Government, Pablo Iglesias, who has called “son of a terrorist”. And the response of the leader of Unidas Podemos was immediate: “It will not come free,” he said, assuring that he will invite his father to “exercise the appropriate actions.”

“As you know, children are not responsible to our parents. Even parents are not entirely responsible for what our children will do. I am going to tell you for the first and last time, you are the son of a terrorist. You belong to that aristocracy, to that of political crime“Alvarez de Toledo said, tired of Iglesias calling her Marquesa.

Although they are not the only pearls that he has dedicated to Churches. He has also told him that “he has a long relationship of undemocratic intimacy with the ETA underworld.” “Terrorism has never caused you the disgust it causes left and right,” said the ‘popular’ deputy.

Meritxell Batet, president of Congress, has asked Álvarez de Toledo to remove the expression “her father (from Iglesias) is a terrorist” from the session newspaper and she has refused, which has earned her a reprimand. But, in addition, Iglesias has made it clear that “he just committed a crime in this gallery” and that will have consequences.

“Madame Marquesa, if you think that by calling my father a terrorist you are going to make him lose his composure, you are wrong. Only someone with noble titles is able to believe with impunity to call someone a terrorist and that it is free. I will invite my lord father to exercise the appropriate actions“the vice president has assured.