Altético de Madrid: result of the LaLiga Santander match (1-1)

The Atlético de Madrid did not go from 1-1 in front of I raised at Ciutat of Valencia in a clash in which they deserved more, but ended up running out of energy as the minutes passed in the second half. Another new puncture from the colchoneros, who continue to lead the Santander League, but they are losing their income advantage over Real Madrid and Barcelona. Bardhi He overtook the granotas and Llorente made the equalizer of the team Cholo Simeone.

Day 2… in the month of February. Days in which the final phase of the Champions League, but Athletic It was his turn to play this game pending the Santander League. For the Champions League there are six days left, since next Tuesday it will be measured, in Bucharest, at Chelsea. Before facing the London team, they will also face against him I raised, but this time in the Metropolitan. Six days, three games and as many trips thanks to the organization of the best league in the world.

To try to win those three virtual points that many give to the Athletic you had to visit a field, the Ciutat of Valencia, who have never been very good at men of Cholo Simeone. The Argentine coach opted for this system with which he has innovated this course: Vrsaljko and Carrasco they were like lanes and Giménez, Savic and Hermoso in front of Jan Oblak. Koke, Saúl and Llorente acted in the core and Luis Suárez and Ángel Correa completed eleven to measure themselves at I raised.

The men of the Cholo they signed a pretty good match. They began by insisting a lot on the right wing with the increases of Sime Vrsaljko but the centers of the Croatian side did not find a finisher. The I raised, well closed behind, allowed those arrivals to the mattress set, but there was always some defense to intercept the shots or also the good hands that he put Aitor Fernandez to keep yours. The men of Paco Lopez they hoped to be able to do damage in some against and taking advantage of the advanced defense of the Athletic they managed to create several occasions.

Domain with little prize

The first was for Roger, but his cross shot went by too much. The second time the granotas would not fail. Vertical pass trying to cut Gimenez, the Uruguayan eats it and picks it up Of fruits, who can run freely to the crescent, where he already gives it to a Bardhi that does not fail before Oblak. Goal of I raised and fifth consecutive game of Atlético de Madrid fitting together, clearly showing that Simeone he has to make some adjustment in what has always been a line, the defense, quite safe.

I left both in shock Athletic, but after a few minutes they reacted, and what a way to react. From the local goal, the colchoneros besieged the arch of Aitor Fernandez. The merits for Luis Suarez, who fought like a real beast although he always ran into the Levantine archer. Pure character of the Uruguayan. And also the rest of his teammates, who went to rest with two yellows, to Saul and to Savic, being both decisive cards so that both players miss next Saturday’s game, in the return before the I raised, by accumulation.

The Athletic besieged the area of Levante and Aitor he was the great hero keeping his own. The ex of the Numancia took providential hands to Luis Suárez, Saúl and Llorente after the ’14’ colchonero had put the tables on the scoreboard. It was a ball that reached the crescent, where he hit it and found a buddy Rober Pier, which slightly deflected the leather so that the ball ended up entering the local goal. The rojiblancos equalized the contest, putting the 1-1 with which they would reach the break, although they could leave winning. For example, with a header from Handsome which he sent out for not turning his sternocleidomastoid enough.

Atlético, from more to less

When they returned to the changing rooms, the dynamics continued to be the same, although it took a bit more for the rojiblancos. Simeone put Kondogbia for Vrsaljko In the middle. Atlético was looking for the second in the afternoon and could arrive soon, but fate did not want it that way. Where to Aitor to Suarez, the rejection reaches strap, without a doorman, sends her to the second amphitheater. Incomprehensible the failure of the Argentine, who does not tarnish the great season he is signing. He also brushed against a center of Llorente who was waiting I fight with the cane, but Oscar Duarte he lunged to cut it. After the game hour he entered Joao Felix, who returned to the call after overcoming Covid-19, by Carrasco.

Half an hour had El menino de oro coinciding with the awakening and the greatest daring of the I raised and for that reason it was difficult for him to connect to the game and he practically did not appear. Those of Paco Lopez stretched a bit more to create trouble for a Athletic I was thrown for the second. Llorente made an occasion those that you like so much. He picks it up on the band and goes inside until he hits the short stick hard. The problem for his people is that he was touching the stick. The granotas had the occasional arrival, but practically without problems for Jan Oblak.

In the 80 ′ Vitolo and Torreira they entered the field for Correa and Koke, who became the second player with the most matches in the history of the Athletic. New opportunity for the canary, but he was not able to give that spark to some companions who had been running out of steam. Luis Suarez, in the final stretch, he beat Aitor, but the Uruguayan was clearly offside and the goal was canceled. Clerc could have blown up the League in the last minutes but Oblak worked his weekly miracle with a saving hand, which ended up allowing the Athletics get a point from Ciutat of Valencia despite having made merits to take the victory. The return, Saturday in the Metropolitan.