Google is the most used search engine for obvious reasons, but on specific occasions you may need an alternative. Here are some search engines that are not so well known.

You look for an address, page, tips, tricks … and you go to Google. The search engine is the home page of most browsers, something that does not surprise anyone since it is used by all kinds of people, from children to the elderly who have recently joined the networks. But It may not always be the most direct or comfortable option depending on what you need.

exist various alternatives to Google. Some of them are search engines whose results are similar but offer other privacy options, while others are aimed at more specific searches or exhaustive. Therefore, we are going to see some of these search engines that can be especially useful for different reasons.

If you want to know Alternative search engines to Google, here are some.

Google and its search engine celebrate their 20th anniversary. This is a review of the history of the company through some emblematic images.

Million Short

Million Short is a search engine that is hardly used in our country and that tries to give the same priority to important pages as little known to help discover new results that do not usually appear in the usual search engines.

Can be configured with a good number of filters to remove results Let them be ecommerces, by date, location … In short, a way to discover new pages.


Hopely is a charity search engine who wants to generate a profit with each search to donate the money, according to MakeUseOf. In the Home you can choose the cause to which you want to donate among different organizations well known to all. As for the results, they are similar to other search engines.


Sourceful is directly targeting the Google Docs, Spreadsheets and Presentations search. In this way you can access reports, information and research that can be very useful for students, professionals or the curious. It also allows you to sort the results according to different preferences.


2lingual offers the possibility of view results in two languages ​​simultaneously and thus be able to instantly compare the differences between one and the other. It uses Google as a base and allows a good number of languages ​​to choose from. As an aid, machine translation can be used.


We couldn’t forget about Tor. Surely you already know this alternative search engine, but in order to demystify the tool a bit, it is not only useful for those who want to enter the Deep Web, it is also interesting for search results without taking into account geographic limitations or blocks that put some pages.