Alternative Races for Main Characters If They Weren’t Ninjas

Almost everyone in Naruto is a ninja, and the series revolves around his training and missions. The main characters make a living serving their villages as shinobi. If they had to abandon their careers, all of them could change careers, which would be very useful.

Characters can choose to enter another career field or pioneer a new field in their village. Konoha is full of jobs, many of which are unexplored. The world of Naruto has many racing options. Although the story mainly covers the main characters’ lives as ninja, they could have chosen a different career.

12 Shino as a beekeeper

Shino loves working with his insects, raising and caring for them with great splendor. He would do well as a beekeeper, harvesting honey. The job would be much more relaxing than working as a ninja.

Shino became a teacher when he got older, but he was never known for his ability to communicate with people. As a beekeeper, you wouldn’t have to interact with people very often. Your experience with insects may help you work with bees.

11 Rock Lee as a personal trainer

Rock Lee likes to exercise and trains hard to be the best ninja possible. Although he is not good with ninjutsu or genjutsu, his taijutsu skills are fantastic. He stays incredibly fit and has a positive outlook on life.

He would be very good at working with people to help them achieve their fitness goals. Your positive energy would be a great motivation, and your willingness to push yourself would help you connect with others.

10 Shikamaru as a banker

Shikamaru is a fantastic strategist. You have the ability to think better than those around you. Shikamaru would do well in an industry that used his mental power. His genius would translate well in the financial sector.

You could work as a banker, helping those around you plan their finances. Shikamaru could make a fortune following stock market statistics, and he could certainly help others succeed in the world of finance.

9 Gaara as a metal worker

Gaara became something of a politician, taking on his father’s old job. He is not known for his people skills, but has improved his people skills as he aged. Although you may feel more comfortable working away from people.

As a metal worker, he could cast fences, shields, and weapons. Your skills would be important and useful. You could also work away from the public, and since some metal foundries use sand to make molds, your skills with sand would come in handy.

8 Ino as a perfumer

Ino seems to like to be somewhat fashionable. Anything related to the beauty industry would do you good. She would do well to work as a fashion designer, jeweler or hairdresser.

His family has a flower shop, so he has experience working with them. As a medical ninja, he also knows medicinal herbs well. Her knowledge of plants would help her understand how to mix different scents. You could launch your own line of perfumes, selling your own fragrances.

7 Choji as a flavor tester

Nobody likes food as much as Choji. He likes to eat more than anything else in life, and he seems incredibly well versed in distinguishing the different flavors from one another.

If he couldn’t work as a ninja, he would be an excellent taster. You could work checking out restaurants or helping refine recipes. With your help, the Leaf Village could be known for its exquisite food. Choji’s love of food could be very useful to his village.

6 Hinata as a chef

Hinata is known for her culinary skills. In the first part, Naruto complements Hinata’s culinary skills. He seems really impressed by the delicious food he can make. His culinary skills are likely to improve as he grows older.

Hinata shows her love for food when she wins a cooking contest. Her skills in the kitchen would make her an excellent chef. You could even open your own restaurant.

5 Sai as an art instructor

Sai’s drawing skills are often used when he is in battle. It seems that he really likes art and drawing. You could become a world famous artist or teach the artistic skills to a new generation.

In Boruto, he shows his abilities to advise his own son when Inojin has trouble with his own art. Your ability to foster children’s artistic skills could help them become better artists.

4 Kakashi as a teacher

Even as a ninja, Kakashi was also a master. As the leader of Team 7, his job was to help Sasuke, Naruto, and Sakura become the best ninjas. He was often seen instructing them on how to improve their skills.

If you decided to stop being a ninja, you could continue working as an instructor. His light-hearted humor and ability to relate to those around him would serve him well in the classroom. It could help teach an entire generation of Konoha youth.

3 Sakura as a magician

Sakura has a difficult job as a medical ninja. She works as a doctor, helping the sick and injured. She has to be quick with her hands to help heal those around her.

Sasuke complements her skills with genjutsu, which means she is good with illusions. If you ever decide that working in the medical field is too stressful, you might find being a magician a little more relaxing. With his fast hands and his specialty in illusions, he could put on a truly entertaining magic show.

2 Sasuke as a security guard

Sasuke is incredibly skilled as a ninja and is always striving to improve his skills. He seems to have little interest in anything but a fight. Sasuke would work well as a police officer, bodyguard, or security guard.

You would probably prefer to work alone to some degree. Sasuke’s abilities would serve him to be a security guard or some similar field of work. Sasuke has excellent combat skills, as well as impressive powers of observation and protection.

1 Naruto as a therapist

Naruto seems to possess an almost supernatural ability to relate to people when he speaks. With his dark past, he is able to relate to other people who have suffered as a result of the things that have happened.

Naruto’s ability to talk to people would serve him as a therapist. You can relate to people and appeal to your best nature. Naruto could help people to become a better version of themselves.