Alternative Bara signing Haaland this summer

The Barça, with the clear objective of Haaland between eyebrows and eyebrows, works in the next summer market. With Laporta at the helm (who already knows his final price), there is a strategy to convince the Norwegian and also Borussia Dortmund and manage to close the signing. Nevertheless, A plan B is already being worked out to sign Haaland if an understanding is not reached in the next transfer window. Barça would wait a year, until the summer of 2022, when by contract Haaland would cost 75 million euros for a release clause. Laporta knows of the difficulties of facing an investment of more than 150 million euros in this market (commissions and separate file) and is evaluating this second option.

Obviously, this Plan B has a risk: that Haaland is not willing to wait a year to make the leap to a great in Europe and accept any of the offers you have from both Spain (Madrid) and the Premier (City, United and Liverpool). In any case, this option of delaying the signing is not frowned upon by the forward’s representative, Mino Raiola. In fact, it was the manager himself who exposed this possibility to President Laporta in the meeting they held last Thursday.

Barça has two tricks in favor with Haaland. The first is that the young Norwegian star wants to play in Spain. He believes that here he has more options to win titles than in the Premier. And the second is that both the footballer and his father know that for Madrid they are a second option: Florentino Pérez is still obsessed with Mbappé. And Haaland is not too happy not to be the number 1 candidate …

Anyway, the bidding for Haaland has just started. In the coming weeks and months the auction for the Norwegian scorer will be tremendous. And the rumors about his future will increase. Barça believes in its possibilities but is aware of the economic difficulties of the operation. That is why he welcomes Plan B: bring in a cheap forward this summer and face the signing of Haaland in 2022.