Zak Brown adds a new category to “their concerns.” United Autosports, the team that has half with Richard Dean, has expanded its ties with Andretti for the Extreme E.

Michael Andretti was one of the first to join the electric ‘off road’ category prepared by Alejandro Agag. He was also one of the first to sign up for Formula E. And his friendship with Zak goes back a long way. Both collaborated on the debut of Fernando Alonso in IndyCar and have a common team in the Australian Supercars.

“We have a good opportunity to work together again, as we have done in recent years. There is no doubt that the Extreme E is an exciting opportunity to join forces,” Andretti said.

Zak, for his part, has said that he closely follows “the electrical competitions and this new championship seems fantastic to me, a good opportunity to enter these new technology competitions.”

Brown must know quite a bit about electrical competitions. McLaren offers the current Formula E batteries and was supposed to supply the Extreme E batteries, but in the end these, like those of the future Formula E GEN3, will be supplied by Williams, thus eliminating a possible conflict of interest.

The first season of Extreme E will start in January and a large number of participants have already been confirmed, including a Spanish team, that of QEV Technologies by Joan Orús, who is also involved in Formula E, technically assisting several teams.

Eight teams – including Chip Ganassi, Andretti’s rival in IndyCar – will take part in the first season. Each team is made up of two drivers, a man and a woman, and the races are relay, with a classification, semifinal and final. All of them in the most inhospitable places on Earth. A competition designed for a television format.

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