Alpine A110 Légende GT 2021: the perfect Alpine?

At Diariomotor we are staunch fans of the spectacular Alpine A110. This mid-engined sports car is a car that masterfully blends exciting and sensational dynamics, a neo-retro design and versatility that is ideal for everyday use. We have tested a 252 hp A110 Légende and a 292 hp Alpine A110 S, and we have always thought that the ideal Alpine A110 would have the setting of the access versions, with the mechanics, braking equipment and tires of the A110 S. It seems that Alpine has heard our prayers.

In truth, Alpine had already launched a Légende GT in 2020, but the fundamental difference between the GT of then and the GT that has just been presented is in its mechanics. The 2020 GT was fitted with the 252 hp 1.8 turbo engine, and in 2021, the Légende GT uses the brilliant engine of the A110S. That is, we have at our disposal a whopping 292 hp and 320 Nm of torque, which allow a 0 to 100 km / h in just 4.4 seconds. That extra performance puts the A110S to another level with respect to an A110, and it accompanies the running gear.

At 1,134 kilos in running order, the Alpine A110 is one of the best sports cars currently on sale.

Alpine A110, to the test. Triumphant return!

Let’s go back in time: specifically to 1955, when a young man in his thirties named Jean Rédé …

That is, we have the same tires as the Alpine A110S – 215 mm section on the front axle and 245 mm on the rear, 10 mm more than on the A110 – and 320mm diameter brakes on both axes. But this Alpine is a Légende GT, not an A110S. Therefore, we have a suspension that does not neglect comfort and dispenses with the more aggressive buffers of the S, remaining with a less aggressive contour Sabelt Comfort. Its aim is for it to be a car with the perfect balance between high performance and everyday comfort.

The Alpine A110 Légende GT 2021 will have its production limited to only 300 units globally. Among its exclusive aesthetic details we have 18-inch multi-spoke wheels, as well as the new color Mercury Silver, a beautiful matt silver – also available in Abyss Blue color. Its brake calipers are gold and the taillights are translucent, slightly differentiating it from other A110s to a well-trained eye. The interior can be ordered in a black shade or an elegant, more classic light brown.

Alpine A110 Legende Gt

Each unit is numbered, with a special edition commemorative plaque.

In its center console it has carbon fiber details and a roof upholstered in Alcantara, in addition to aluminum footrests. The Alpine A110 Légende GT 2021 can now be ordered, at a price that in Spain starts in the 74,800 euros.

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