Gasly: ​​”We have a good car, but we have to improve in several areas”

Kvyat: “If we start the races further, everything will be easier for us”

AlphaTauri arrives at Silverstone in order to close the gap that McLaren and Racing Point have opened at the beginning of the season in the middle zone. Those of Faenza recognize that they have to improve in several aspects of their AT01 to be closer to their rivals, and they hope that all the work done in this past week will pay off. Daniil Kvyat and Pierre Gasly will seek to improve their first triplet results in these next two races.

Pierre gasly (12th in the World Cup):

“After doing three races, I think we have a good car, although we know that we have to improve in some areas, especially in the aerodynamic part. We have to improve some things to have a better balance, but the most important thing is to have more load ”

“If we look at our performance, it is something to keep in mind, as teams like Racing Point and McLaren have taken a step forward compared to 2019. Renault and Williams are also improving. For us, the time has come to close that gap.”

“I was able to spend a day in the Milton Keynes simulator last week. It was something different, since due to travel restrictions I have not been able to have my engineers by my side. We have held the meetings by videoconference, it is not the same, but you have to get used to it. ”

“Now comes a new treble. We have three consecutive races and tiredness comes again. Of course, for my part in Hungary I did not race too much, so I cannot complain either. However, for the rest of the team it is different. It is very intense and complicated for them to have so many races in a row. ”

“Silverstone is one of the best circuits out there. It has a lot of fast corners and the Maggots and Becketts section is one of the best on the calendar. With these cars, it has become a circuit where power is key. Speed Punta makes a lot of difference, but it’s still a very fun track. ”

“For the second race, we are going to use softer tires and things will change a lot from one week to the next. Also, on a circuit like this, managing tires well will be key for everyone.”

Daniil Kvyat (16th in the World Cup):

“It is great news that Formula 1 was able to make a new schedule and I was pleased to return to racing in Austria and Hungary. With three races already completed, it is still difficult to identify the weak and strong points of our car.”

“We continue to work to find a good level to face each race. I was satisfied with the pace of the car in Budapest during the race, but it was the opposite in qualifying, I was not happy at all. We think we know what we did wrong and we hope fix it for this Silverstone race. ”

“I am happy with the way things are going on Sundays, but I think if we can start the races in better positions everything will be easier for us. We want to see if we can improve our pace one lap this weekend. The battle in the middle zone It is more expensive than in previous years, Racing Point and McLaren have taken a step forward and are escaping. ”

“Now we have to face a new triplet, when we have just done three races in a row. I would say that everything is fine, even if it is very demanding. There are many races and you have to manage your energy levels. Yes, it is much harder for the mechanics At least all the races are in Europe and the trips are shorter than normal. ”

“Now there are two races at Silverstone, a very interesting circuit that allows you to have very good races thanks to the overtaking options that exist in your two long straights. I like to drive here and we hope to have a good configuration, as it is key to do well ”

“To make it more interesting, the choice of tires will change for the second race. Having softer tires will be a challenge and you will have to understand how they work, as it will not be easy to manage them correctly from the beginning.”

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