Kvyat: “I have always liked to run here, although we will miss the fans”

Gasly: ​​”It will be very rare to run almost every week, but I want to start”

AlphaTauri will debut as a Formula 1 team this weekend. The name may have changed, but neither the team nor the drivers did. Those of Faenza are still the same, and they hope to have a good year 2020 with their AT01. Daniil Kvyat and Pierre Gasly have openly acknowledged that they have missed the races a lot and are ready to go back to a GP.

Daniil Kvyat:

“After the Melbourne race was suspended, I wanted to go home as soon as possible. As soon as I got back, the confinement kicked off and I’ve spent most of it in Monaco. It has been a very interesting, and also different, time in the that we had to find different things to do. We were able to rest longer than normal. Of course, it had not been that long without driving a car since I was left outside Formula 1 in 2017. I returned to karting in mid-May and it has helped me a lot in all this time. ”

“I’ve been in contact with Mattia Spini, my race engineer, and we’ve done a few qualifying simulations. We’ve talked for a long time, it was the best we could do. I know other riders on the grid like virtual racing, and Besides, they have had a great time in them. For my part, I am not a big fan, what I like is racing in the real world. ”

“Up until now, I haven’t been able to travel to Great Britain to use the team’s real simulator, so we’ll have to see how development works in the coming weeks. This weekend we hope to have a good race to thank all the work. the team has done in these months, and we also hope that nothing bad happens. I trust that we are in good hands and that there are no unpleasant surprises. We have already worked on the new normality in the filming day. It costs a little, but you you get used to it. ”

“Something that we are definitely going to miss is the fans. It is not easy to see a completely empty stand, the public is an important part of the sport and we are going to miss it. On the other hand, the car seemed to be going well The test data was good, but we will have to see how we work in Austria. It is an old school circuit, which is full of straights and fast corners. I have always liked to race here, and we will also have two races. ”

Pierre gasly:

“After the suspension of the Australian GP, ​​I went to Dubai with the goal of having no problem playing the Bahrain GP scheduled for the following week. I thought they would wait a couple of days to see how the situation developed, but the event was postponed instantly. In Italy things were not right, and I could not go back there, nor to France, since I did not want to endanger my family. That is why I stayed in Dubai with my coach and we have worked hard in the past two months. The restrictions have been similar to those in Europe. ”

“In Dubai I trained 58 days out of the 60 that I was there, so physically I am in the best moment of my life. I also spent time playing with my friends online and learning Italian. I was there two months in a row, I had never spent two months Nowhere in a row since I got to Formula 1. Finally, I returned home in the middle of May, and participated in the odd virtual test which was a lot of fun. I have also been in contact with Franz, the team leader and with Pierre, my track engineer. ”

“We finally had the opportunity to drive a Formula 1 again last week at Imola. We were able to drive the 2018 car in a test and the 2020 car on a filming day. Also, it was at Imola, one of my favorite circuits, and I haven’t run in since 2012. It made me feel very happy. ”

“I miss the adrenaline, the competition and the speed. I really want to start again. It is going to be a very strange thing to run almost every week, but it is also very exciting. It will be a shame not to see fans in the stands in these first races, but safety comes first. I hope that things will get better in the coming months, and there will be the necessary restrictions to maintain safety. Drivers when we are in the car everything will be the same, outside, we will do something weird. ”

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