Alonso’s new car

The Alpine A110 continues to be the object of desire for collectors. This new special edition limited to 300 units called Légend GT is dedicated to them.

May 14, 2021 (09:30 CET)

New limited edition Alpine A110 Légend GT.New limited edition Alpine A110 Légend GT.

The new one special edition of the light sports car of Alpine, the A110, It could well be the new toy of Fernando Alonso, pilot of the French brand in the Formula 1 World Championship. Of course, he would have the luxury of taking home one of the 300 units that are manufactured exclusively for Europe, at a price that appears in Spain of 74,800 euros for anyone who reserves it -already available- and acquires it.

The new Alpine A110 Légend GT follows in the wake of the special edition of the same name that was revealed in 2020, albeit with interesting new features. And is that the French light sports car, apart from being one of the most special cars on the market, it is one of the most game in the market of the special and limited versions.

Alpine A110 Légend GT 2021.The Alpine A110 Légend GT 2021 is offered in two different aesthetic combinations.

Alpine unites the sportiness of the most powerful version of the A110S, with 292 hp drawn from his 1.8-liter supercharged mechanics in rear center position, with comfort and unique personality of the Légend appellation… and GT. An elegant interpretation, with exclusive design details and some really interesting standard equipment.

The Alpine A110 Légend GT becomes available in two different aesthetic combinations: on the one hand, the new matt “Mercury Silver” color on the outside and black leather upholstery with gray stitching on the inside; and on the other, the well-known “Abyssal Blue” for the bodywork and the exclusive “Amber Brown” tone for the passenger compartment. It is also presumed Alpine monograms in pale gold, live gold brake calipers and 18-inch “Grand Prix” diamond-plated wheels. As a finishing touch on the exterior, differentiating translucent LED taillights have been installed.

Alpine A110 Légend GT 2021.One of two interiors available on the 2021 Alpine A110 Légend GT.

Already for within, highlight the Comfort Sabelt seats with 6-way regulation, microfiber headliner, glossy carbon color trims in different elements and, of course, a numbered plate that remembers which unit of loas 300 it is. Between standard equipment included, the rear view camera, Focal sound system and front and rear parking sensors are included.

As for mechanics refers, together with the engine 292 hp and 320 Nm -The most powerful of the Alpine-, the “Sport” exhaust system and the high performance braking system, an unheard of combination in the Alpine A110 range so far. Thanks to its power and lightness, Accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 4.5 seconds and reaches the 250 km / h top speed.

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