Alonso sees himself in F1 in 2024, aged 43

Fernando Alonso live by and to drive and compete at the highest level. And that is synonymous with F1. And it’s not something you want to change in the next few years. He has already repeated on many occasions that he feels at his best physical and driving moment, and now he is only focused on the project in common he has with Alpine, where it feels like family. For this reason, in an interview with the newspaper ‘AS’, he did not hesitate to assure that he sees himself continuing in F1 in 2024, a season that would end with 43 years. “Where do I imagine myself in 2024? I will be here, surely, as Ocon’s partner “he said about his future.

In addition, referring to the strong regulation change that will be implemented in 2022, with very different cars, which could change the current order of the forces on the grid, he commented that “if everything comes together a little and is tighter, perhaps we can dream more ”. “Not equal. And if it were not like that, it would not be a disappointment either, and I would try to improve and evolve by 2023 “, he added.

In addition, he also referred to Lewis Hamilton when asked if English is no longer invincible. “It never was. But before he had to beat the teammate and now he has to beat another car that will sometimes be faster and other times slower. They are both at a very high level. When the Mercedes is doing a little better on a weekend, Verstappen still does something out of the ordinary to be in the fight. And when Red Bull is a little better, Hamilton pulls something out of his hat and is fighting. The two have raised the level and that is interesting ”, expressed the two-time world champion in this regard.

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