Alonso, mischievous smile before the possible rain

I was happy. He had returned to perform at a great level, another weekend, squeezing everything he could and more to a Alpine with which he will come out eighth, while his partner Ocon will start 17º. Fernando Alonso I was really happy to have achieved another Q3 after some experimental and aggressive changes that, according to the Spaniard, were key to improving the performance of a car that had lost some rhythm in FP3. But you had to think about the race. What can Fernando Alonso do in the 2021 F1 Styrian GP this Sunday?
Much of the answers come from the rain. MD asked Alonso this Saturday if his fans should take out the popcorn today if it rains in the race, something that could give him more options since the mechanical differences are reduced in the wet. The man from Oviedo laughed, but preferred to keep his feet on the ground. He did it with a mischievous smile, but ensuring that starting from the Top-10 he prefers a dry date.

“Well, I think it will be a challenge. Honestly, I already said on Friday that I prefer a dry race because I would have liked to do some free practice in wet conditions to test yourself, the car, the sensations … and I do not like how it happened in Imola that the first lap in the wet that you do is in the race on Sunday because you have not tried “, the Asturian commented to MD right off the bat, although aware that the most probable thing, according to what the forecasts indicated, is that water will be the protagonist in this Sunday’s appointment.

But it looks like it’s going to rain. It will be the same for everyone and we will try to adapt as quickly as possible. When you start from the back you may want it to rain, but when you start from the Top-10 you like a slightly more relaxed race. But yes, we’ll see what we can do, “he added, keeping the mischievous smile that he couldn’t hide even with the mask.

On the other hand, Fernando Alonso considered that it will be very difficult to stay in the points in a dry race, aware that starting from eighth place on soft tires, many of his rivals who start from beyond the Top-10 will have a better strategy. In addition, he stressed that “behind there are faster cars.”

“If we didn’t do a perfect lap we could have missed any of the sessions, including Q1. It was a pity that only one Alpine passed (Ocon was out in Q1), but it may rain and there is still a chance to get both cars in the points if we are lucky. And we’ll see it. It will be difficult. Obtaining points will be more difficult than in France, where I think we were more competitive. Here, it is a good starting position, ok, a good classification, but we have faster cars behind us and this Sunday if we don’t have the pace it will be difficult to finish in the Top-10. So we will see “Fernando added in the press conference after his good classification, from which he came out smiling. Is happy.

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