Fernando Alonso and Flavio Briatore have recalled moments from the past

The Asturian has also remembered how the Spanish fans turned around

Fernando Alonso and Flavio Briatore wanted to highlight the human value in Formula 1, in a modern era with a clear protagonist of the engineers and their millimeter calculations. In full confinement due to the Covid-19 coronavirus, the two protagonists of this story have recalled how the start of the 2004 Brazilian Grand Prix was.

In the framework of the conversation, Flavio and Fernando ‘regretted’ the excessive control that engineers have in modern Formula 1. In a nostalgic way, both Italian and Spanish agreed that the sensations that a human being brings will never be replaceable by a machine. For sample, an anecdote from the Brazilian GP 2004.

“Yes, in Brazil 2004 I think he was sixth and it was raining on the grid, pouring rain. I took it for granted that we were getting wet tires, but when one minute after the start the blankets were removed I saw that we had dry rubbers” , Fernando Alonso has commented in a conversation with Flavio Briatore.

“On the radio I asked and they answered that the others were also dry. Then I asked who and they said ‘your partner’. So we were both Renault on dry tires in the middle of the storm. In the first laps we were last, but later It stopped raining and we got first and second because everyone had to enter, “he added.

That Grand Prize was finally won by Juan Pablo Montoya and the Oviedo player had to settle for fourth place, but the anecdote was left to remember. On the other hand, Fernando has also had time to remember how the Spanish fans turned year after year in the Spanish Grand Prix.

“I remember that when we entered the circuit – in Barcelona – it was all blue. That seemed like the Tour de France, people crowded there and made a kind of snake,” said Alonso to conclude.

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