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As we well know, the care of our skin is one of the elements that we always have in mind. Beyond beauty, our skin is a reflection of our well-being and health of our organism, in addition to being our faithful companion who protects us from all external factors.

During this quarantine, home remedies have been our best allies in our beauty routine. In addition to having totally natural ingredients such as aloe vera, we can have at home, it is easy, practical to use And we don’t have to spend exaggerated amounts of money to see noticeable changes in our skin.

Homemade aloe vera masks are a very viable option to keep skin hydrated, heal acne marks and give it that extra moisture, without the need for expensive creams or serums. Aloe vera is a botanical and homemade anti-inflammatory that can get us out of various troubles.

The benefits of aloe vera on our skin

As we have already mentioned, aloe vera is a botanical anti-inflammatory that Helps reduce the burning of skin burns, such is the case for sun exposure, giving a feeling of freshness. It also works as a remedy for acne treatmentThat is why it is very easy to see this ingredients in beauty products.

Another benefit is that it can be used on any skin type, even in sensitive ones, because it does not have any component that causes allergic reactions. It has a smooth and moisturizing consistency. So it is a good conductor to reduce irritated and reddish areas of the skin.

Aloe Vera: the benefits for healthy and beautiful skin. Unsplash

Aloe vera contains magnesium, calcium, protein, zinc And it can be used on both the skin and the hair, helping the dermis during the treatment of acne scars. It reduces inflammation, itching and irritation and it is a plant that is very easy to plant at home.

How can I apply it directly to skin?

To have the benefits of aloe vera on your skin, you only need to cut a stalk of the plant to obtain the gel or consistency of aloe vera. You can apply it directly to your freshly washed skin, let it rest for about 10 min, rinse with warm water and that’s it. To get more product from the stalk you can keep it in your refrigerator for more use.

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