ALMOST CONFIRMED Yakuza: Like an Asura would be the next title in the franchise

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We recently received the new title of the Yakuza franchise in this hemisphere, Yakuza: Like a Dragon, a title that was released on all platforms except for PlayStation 5. But now we are receiving rumors, with strong foundations, which indicate that we could receive a new title in the saga this December, a game that would be named Yakuza: Like an Asura.

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These rumors about a new Yakuza title would have started with a Tweet from the game’s producers, according to the TechRaptor medium, the producers would have made a publication, which they later deleted, where you could read “very well. Let’s move on to the next chapter“along with two images. Images corresponding to Masaru Watase, a character from Yakuza 5 Y Like a Dragon, and a new logo, which would be for the new Yakuza: Like an Asura.

This December release would make a lot of sense, as the franchise celebrates its 25th anniversary this December. Coincidentally, in December the creators of Yakuza have a live event scheduled, in which they will probably reveal the launch of this title.

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Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / Coverage / Instagram / Discord