Almost 70% of hydroalcoholic gel poisonings affect children

A man puts hydroalcoholic gel on a child at the Reyes de Aranjuez parade this January. (Photo: Pablo Blazquez Dominguez via .)

The pandemic has familiarized everyone with disinfectant liquids. They are in almost all pockets and that has made them a danger. The Toxicological Information Service (SIT) received 874 telephone inquiries in 2020 for intoxication with hydroalcoholic gel. And 67% were cases that affected minors.

The Minister of Justice, Juan Carlos Campo, has made this reality public during the inauguration of the commemorative day for the 50th anniversary of the Toxicological Information Service, an organism that depends on Justice, of the National Institute of Toxicology and Forensic Sciences based in Las Rozas (Madrid).

Campo has outlined that during the pandemic there has been a significant “exponential” increase in inquiries to this service from individuals, institutions and companies. For this reason, for the Government, the work of this body has become an indispensable public service for health and a great relief for parents.

The SIT telephone number appears on all industrial product packaging, drug leaflets and agrochemical products.

The SIT telephone number appears on all industrial product packaging, drug leaflets, and agrochemical products. “During the worst days of the pandemic, the SIT alerts were of great help to citizens to clarify doubts and combat hoaxes that put citizens’ health at risk, especially due to false information about supposed miraculous formulas to cure or prevent coronavirus ”, recalled Campo.

Campo explained that, in addition, the SIT provides advice to the Administration of Justice, health personnel, the chemical industry and Civil Protection.

The other uses of the SIT

This body goes beyond serving the ordinary citizen. “The Evolution of Toxicology and Forensic Sciences …

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