Almirall, ArcelorMittal, Liberbank and Acerinox

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The selective Spanish returns to run out of 8,500 points after having been trading good part of yesterday afternoon above them.

Nevertheless, we are still glued to them and that means that we can get hold of this level at any time as soon as the main values ​​accompany it.

However, whatever happens we always have a set of values ​​that are doing formidably well and several of them are worth being in. my control panel. They are in a very important technical moment in addition to having many investors attentive to them.

What should you invest in according to your age ?:

1) ArcelorMittal: Approaches one of the most important resistances that the value has in the 24 euro zone and therefore now we must be attentive to the next sessions because to get hold of them would imply having a free way to go for the 27.60 euros.

2) Almirall: With yesterday’s big rise, the value has approached its resistance around 13.55 euros so we must be very attentive to its possible rupture as long as it does not lose the 13 euros.

3) Liberbank: He is on his way to the next resistance at 0.3245 euros as long as you do not lose the 0.297 euros.

4) Acerinox: As long as the value does not fall below 10.40 euros, we have an open path to go for the next resistance at 11.25 euros.

Evolution of the values ​​under monitoring Eduardo Bolinches