‘Allen v. Farrow ‘releases its first official trailer

Photo: ‘Allen v. Farrow ‘releases its first official trailer / Via HBO

HBO has shared the first official trailer of your next documentary series, ‘Allen v. Farrow. ‘

The series will feature four episodes that have been described as, “A scandal of Hollywood. A family tragedy ”, investigating the accusations about the filmmaker and the sexual abuse that he would have induced in his daughter Dylan farrow.

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The first episode will be released next February 21st, while the next deliveries will arrive every Sunday.

The synopsis of the series reveals, “Allen v. Farrow, from acclaimed filmmakers, Kirby Dick & Amy Ziering Y Amy herdy, is a four-part documentary series that follows decades of sensational headlines to reveal the private history of one of the most famous public scandals in Hollywood”.

« Accusations of sexual abuse against Woody Allen involving Dylan, his seven-year-old daughter, with Mia Farrow and her subsequent custody trial, revealing the relationships of Allen with the daughter of Farrow, Soon-Yi and the controversial consequences in subsequent years ”.

Photo: Poster for ‘Allen v. Farrow ‘/ Via HBO

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‘Allen v. Farrow ‘ will include some unreleased recordings, home videos and interviews with Mia farrow, Dylan farrow, Ronan Farrowy and the friend of the amilia, Carly simon, in addition to other relatives, investigators and witnesses.

On the other hand, during the past year Woody Allen He criticized the actors with whom he has worked and who have criticized his behavior afterwards as, according to him, they tried to « be fashionable. »