Venga la Alegría: Alleged secret romance between two male drivers | INSTAGRAM

According to witnesses of those involved, they already have plans to live together.

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Roger González has never had a problem raising his name within the industry, however, since he joined the cast of the morning show “Venga la Alegría”, his popularity has been on the rise, something that has undoubtedly opened up many more opportunities for him. of jobs within the medium.

For this reason, Roger is now starring in a small scandal, because according to sources very close to the driver, he has revealed that he could be taking time for a secret romance with the winner of MasterChef Mexico 2018, Ismael Zhu Li, also known as « El Chino » , a mutual friend.

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In this interview, the person close to the celebrities stated that Roger has not wanted to touch on the subject of his sexuality, but that this has not prevented him from enjoying his relationships, as he pointed out that he has had formal courtships in the past.

In the same way, the informant commented that the famous host had a relationship for three years with the announcer, singer and actor Jorge Anzaldo, with whom he worked in 2017 in the play “Hoy no me carga” and they also conducted the radio programs together « Wake up » and « Duro de tamar »; however, he never spoke of that relationship.

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Likewise, the « friend » mentioned that Roger and « El Chino » met during the broadcasts of « Todo un show », where they began a great friendship, which even led them to work together in « Tres tragones », where they visited restaurants together with the famous Ana Obregón.

It turns out that they worked together on several projects and spending so much time together made it all go away, it was already very evident what they felt, but like « El Chino » it felt strange to be able to have something with a man because he had only had Female brides, however, Roger was encouraged to declare his love and he did not refuse.

So now, according to the strong and notorious rumors, it is believed that both have been together for about half a year, but two months as a formal relationship, so it is mentioned that they would be thinking of moving to live together as a couple.