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There are still mysteries that revolve around the Xbox Series X in terms of the launch offer. Sony has already confirmed that the PlayStation 5 will be sold in 2 editions, one with support for physical format and the other only digital. Microsoft, on the other hand, keeps this a secret. So far he has not denied or confirmed it, but everything seems to indicate that the economic model of the Xbox Series X is a reality and an image has begun to circulate on the Internet that seems to reinforce these speculations.

Through reddit, a user shared last weekend an image in which you can see an Xbox Series X control, with the particularity that it is white. The image is striking precisely because of the color of the control. So far, Microsoft has only shown the Xbox Series X in black, which suggests that it will be the only model that will be available at its premiere.

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The control is clearly from the Xbox Series X, because in it you can see the new share button, apart from the fact that the directional pad corresponds to the new design of the controller.

The user’s account was deleted, but, according to his comments (via Video Games Chronicle), he had the opportunity to take the photo at the party that was organized in the house of a Microsoft employee. The user indicates that they even had the opportunity to play on the console, which had an interface similar to that of the Xbox One. The latter coincides with reports that reveal that the new interface would be similar to that of the current console. The user also commented that the console was the same color as the control and that « it looked more square and the Xbox button looked bigger on it. »

The control could confirm the existence of Xbox Lockhart

We remind you that, unlike PlayStation 5 (whose editions will have the same specifications, except that one will not read discs), it is believed that the economic model of the following Xbox console will not only not have a disc reader, but it will also be less powerful in order to appeal to more players. However, you should know that it will be able to run Xbox Series X games and so far it is known that it is called Xbox Lockhart and that it could be officially called Xbox Series S.

As you can see, this is unofficial information, so you should take it as a rumor. Also, the photograph could well be from an Xbox Series X controller, but it could also be a special edition of the console. Let’s remember that before launching the Xbox One, Microsoft gave its employees a white version to recognize the talent that was in charge of its creation. There is also the possibility that Microsoft launches different color controls since the launch of Xbox Series X, being the one shown in the image one of the models.

However, we remind you that the rumors that Microsoft prepares. and there is no better way to differentiate these 2 models on the market than by means of colors, thus, consumers would easily distinguish that the Xbox series X would be black, while the Xbox Series S or Lockhart would be white. This image, although not official, seems to confirm some reports indicating that some Microsoft employees are already testing the Xbox Series S at home.

Microsoft has not commented on this. In fact, the company was expected to reveal more details about the launch of the console in the past Xbox Games Showcase, but it did not happen. However, it was anticipated that later in the year there will be more surprises, so it is very possible that, if it exists, the console will be announced at an upcoming event.

What do you think about this information? Do you think the Xbox Lockhart is real? Do you think it will be white? Tell us in the comments.

According to some rumors, the Xbox Series X was originally due to launch in August, and the reveal of the economic model would take place at E3 2020. A Microsoft directive anticipated that the next-gen console will debut before the end of November and Rumors indicate that Microsoft will finally release the Xbox Series S when its price is set. If you want to know more news related to the Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S, we invite you to click on their names.

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