All wrong! New Release! – Music News

Well, yes, sometimes we think that in our lives everything is wrong but the truth is that no, what is incredible is the new single that we are going to present you entitled, Todo Mal, by two of your favorite artists! We tell you all the details here in Music News!

This song titled, “Todo Mal” is original by Humbre, this talented artist who has more than half a million subscribers is rising like water more and more, the truth has left us speechless with his material and with his talent, and especially with the passion that prints each of his songs, this time we present a collaboration of Humbre with …?

Humb releases collaboration with the talented Leon Leiden! And together they released this jewel “Todo Mal”, both artists released this new material on July 22nd and it has been quite successful, as of today they have almost half a million reproductions.

What will you see in the official video clip of Todo Mal? Well, we will see, a palette in black and white, both artists singing naturally, wasting talent and passion for music and for this specific song!

This song has such true lyrics! “I got tired of so many times, several months ago you left me in seen, I no longer wanted to meet you, damn luck, it was my turn, you only like me when I touch you, when I sing and when it goes well for me, but suddenly when you find another you run after him “

Friend, I do not want to say that you realize it but friend realize it, the truth is that people are very practical, enough of putting so many justifications, if the person talks to you it is because they want to talk to you, if the person shows you that you are the only one is because you are the only one, but if they prove otherwise, my love, you are only won. You have to accept and continue.

Great single !!

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