All-wheel drive Ford Mustang is becoming more likely every day

Strange statements by one of those responsible for Ford’s Mustang program has exposed the company’s intentions to launch an all-wheel drive version of the future Ford Mustang S650, the next generation of the American sports car.

That the future generation S650 of the Ford Mustang will have a hybrid version is no secret to anyone, because it was the company itself that confirmed it a few years ago. However, that this (or another) version of the American sports car will have all-wheel drive for the first time in the history of the model is a rumor that has not been confirmed, but that every day is more likely.

When Raj Nair, one of the heads of Ford Motor Company, confirmed that there would be a hybrid Mustang similar to the current EcoBoost but with the performance of a V8 Mustang Many of us took it for granted that this model could have electric motors on the front axle. What would allow that, in certain situations, the Mustang will behave like an all-wheel drive model.

Patents for a hypothetical V8 hybrid sports car with electric motors on the front axle.

Until now, this had been just a curiosity at the bottom of the page in the reports on the future electrified variant of the Mustang, however, recent statements by Jim Owens, none other than one of the managers of Ford’s Mustang program, have caused that this feature is more than a curiosity, to become a real possibility of the future generation S650 of the model. In response to the question of a possible Mustang AWD, his exact words were:

Well, as you know, the Challenger has all-wheel drive. We are always looking for different possibilities to [mejorar] performance, but we have nothing to announce at the moment. ” Jim Owens.

We don’t know if it was a slip from Owens or if it was a full-blown wink, but of course, if the executive intended to give a negative answer or not reveal anything, it is the strangest response we have seen in a long time. Why do you mention that one of your greatest rivals has all-wheel drive? Of course it is quite suspicious, especially if we consider that a Ford patent has already been discovered referring to a hybrid scheme composed of a longitudinal front V8 engine associated with the rear axle in a conventional way and combined with electric motors intended to drive the front axle and therefore, with an all-wheel drive scheme.