All-time high of his biggest rival

The world of cryptocurrencies has been shaken in recent weeks by a new astronomical rise in the value of the Bitcoin that has made it news in the main media of the planet. However, his biggest rival, Ethereum, has achieved a higher figure, in percentage terms so far in 2021. While the value of Bitcoin has risen by 27 percent, that of Ethereum has done so by 90.

Experts see the capital turnover in the fact that many investors seek new opportunities in other cryptocurrencies with potential after Bitcoin, whose value on January 1 was 24,136.61, reached its all-time high on January 8, 33,272.64 euros, after which it fell to values ​​of around 30,000.

Ethereum has reached its historical maximum this Tuesday, reaching a value of 1,188.44 euros

Ethereum started the year at 600.36 euros and reached its peak for the year on January 9, trading at 1,048.33. Its maximum value was reached on January 12, 2018, with a value of 1,136.27. However, this Tuesday it has reached 1,188.44 euros. All-time high in a new day of rises in the cryptocurrency market, dragged down by the success of Bitcoin, but with much better performance so far in 2021.

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