All the stars off: the light is gone

The head guardian, Remiro, in goal. A mixture of consistency and expeditious air in the defense to alleviate the loss at the last minute of Aritz: Zaldua, Zubeldia, You
Normand Y Monreal. A high school trident in the middle of the field: Illarramendi, Merino Y David
Silva. On the bands, turn for an unbalance Januzaj and an accomplished specialist in deciding how Oyarzabal. And at the point of the spear, the star of the moment: Isak. It is difficult that the Real can plant today a plan with more weapons. Well, he was annihilated by United.

Security in the back area was corrupted by direct English football. Both the wings and the centrals were made at night with the ability to Bruno
Fernandes to create danger as a playmaker and the triple speed with which James, Greenwood Y Rashford they broke the Real. The inferiority of the rear, the shadow persecution to which it was subjected, manifested itself in the 0-4.

The renowned core presented by the Royal actually appropriated the United thanks to McTominay. Here is the footballer of the match: an unmistakable Scottish British bigard. Blond, transparent skin, white as snow. He passed over a Illarra without bellows, from Merino more overwhelmed – he was seen in his face – and of Silva, the spitting image of the blow against him. The star off in the middle of the constellation.

The light of the Royal was gone by the discreet performance of its banners. Because Januzaj did not rescue the team, Oyarzabal appeared too shy and the company to Isak it was like emerging from a desert island.

Manchester United’s iron fist was overwhelming and the real danger from Real lasted two minutes. The first two of the game, in addition. A theft Isak to Bailly that ended with Januzaj brushing the squad and another boast of the Swede, a pass from the Belgian, who destroyed the goal Henderson, author of his last stop at minute 2.

The biggest blow for Imanol

The Real had no choice but to hold on to Remiro. A good goalkeeper who is missing one of those outsized performances. Memorable. It was on its way to be his tonight, with three or four stops of merit and importance.

Until he came out to the package and got into the garden, without flowers, prior to 0-1. The Real had nothing left. Without its stars, without the miracle of the goalkeeper, Imanol A 0-4 hit him, which is his most resounding blow on the bench.