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MLS continues to knock on all the world stars that allow it. In the winter market they starred in the arrival of Chicharito Hernández at LA Galaxythey did before Nani and Wayne Rooney, so for the next campaign they are already probing high-caliber signings so as not to lose tradition.

With the arrival of Inter Miami, the new franchise of David BeckhamNew names have sounded around the club and the covers of future stars are being stolen, but the rest of the teams are not far behind. For that reason, Below we list the 10 cracks that sound to reinforce Major League Soccer in the near future.

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1. Gastón Pereiro – Cincinatti

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Pereiro starred in a soap opera in January for a possible arrival in Cincinatti, but the then PSV player waited for another offer from Europe and Cagliari appeared to steal the transfer.

Now he is active in Italy, but from the United States they hope to convince him to sign the next season due to his age (25) and future projection.

2. Luka Modric – DC United

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Luka Modric has on the table the option to outline his retirement in MLS, because in January, DC United proposed to him to wait until the end of the season so that the Croatian signed his departure from the meringues and could reach the American team.

The decision is still unknown, but Luka’s environment already knows that the end of his period at Real Madrid is near the end and he is seriously considering this proposal.

3. Edinson Cavani – Inter Miami / LA Galaxy

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The Uruguayan striker ends his contract with PSG and the sports director of the Parisian team has already announced his departure. Now, at 33, he considers being able to secure his future in the United States, but an important sports offer would make him change his mind.

The Galaxy and Inter Beckham are the teams most interested in signing Edinson, but from Uruguay they also hope to convince Cavani.

4. Pedro – Inter Miami / New York City

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Pedro Rodríguez also ends his contract this summer and New York City would have everything planned to make him the new David Villa. The lack of attractive proposals in Europe would be causing the Spanish youth squad to seriously consider this proposal, but Inter Miami also wants a strong player to command the team along with Rodolfo Pizarro.

5. Joe Hart – Inter Miami / Minnesotta United

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The Daily Mail newspaper in England is bent on placing Joe Hart in the MLS next season. Inter Miami is the most interested in his transfer, but from Minnesotta there is competition for the English goalkeeper.

The truth is that the British goalkeeper ends his contract ending the season and his future could be in the United States.

6. Carlos Tevez – LA Galaxy

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Guillermo Barros Schelotto’s Galaxy is interested in hiring Apache to create an entertaining duo between Chicharito and Tevez. From Argentina it is an open secret that he will not continue with Boca and his destination could be the United States, especially due to the relationship with the Argentine coach.

7. Olivier Giroud – Vancouver Whitecaps

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The world champion could be living his last seasons in European football, since the Vancouver Whitecaps have already contacted Giroud since the end of last year and now, with the world of transfers in suspense by the coronavirus, the insurance of reaching the MLS could convince the French striker.

8. Gareth Bale – LA Galaxy

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Gareth Bale is going through a difficult time, since he no longer counts for the meringues. In fact, the Welsh striker was offered by Real Madrid to the MLS with the aim of getting a team that can pay their demands.

Despite the financial solvency of some franchises, salary continues to be the main factor against it, but if it continues without minutes, it could reach an agreement with a team without having to match the salary received in Madrid.

9. Mario Balotelli – Toronto FC

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Balotelli will be free at the end of this season and from the MLS they would try to sign the Italian striker. Toronto already entered into talks with Mario last November, but now as a free player with no offers in Europe, the controversial striker could try a new adventure in the United States, or rather Canada.

10. Nemanja Matic – Chicago Fire

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The Chicago Fire’s nearly impossible dream before the 2020 season began was to hire Manchester United midfielder Nemanja Matic; However, the player is a crucial piece of Solskjaer and he was hardly going to leave the institution mid-season.

Now with the tournament finished, from the MLS they would try their recruitment again, although the reality is that their arrival is very complicated at the moment.

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