All the Spring-Summer 2021 trends seen in the new Zara collection

A new season is coming: the spring season can be smelled and fashion firms do not hesitate to present new collections where sheer fabrics and lightweight looks take full control. How could it be otherwise, in the new collection of Zara We find each and every one of the trends that will reign this Spring-Summer 2021.

The black and white combination is present

We know that it is one of the most stable marriages in the monkey world, and this season it is once again shining with its own light. Black and white invades the new Zara collection with simplicity, elegance and a lot of savoir faire.

– Side band dress, 17.95 euros.

– Contrast vivid shorts, 9.95 euros.

– Nightdress combined with lace details, 49.95 euros.

Much attention to detail cut out

The cut out trend is once again present in our daily lives, but this time not only in dresses. Whether in the waistband of the skirt, in a bodysuit or on the sides of a jumpsuit, these will add a groundbreaking touch to the final look.

– Body cut out, 15.95 euros.

– Mini cut out skirt, 19.95 euros.

– Seamless cut out jumpsuit, 19.95 euros.

The sequins will add a festive touch to our day to day

We know that the events have been postponed until further notice, but the Spanish firm does not want to miss the opportunity to dress our wardrobe (and our working hours) with elegance. Therefore, sequins invade everything without fear of what they will say.

– Sequin midi dress, 59.95 euros.

– Long sequined shirt, 59.95 euros.

– Bustier with pearl sequins, 25.95 euros.

Dad pants will put mom jeans aside

Pants are an everyday staple, and each season they vary in shape, cuts and fabrics. This Spring-Summer 2021 the dad pants are accompanied by a high rise and a wide leg. In addition, the Spanish firm is committed to this type of pants but with suit fabric.

– Dad pants brown, 29.95 euros.

– Dad pants black, 29.95 euros.

Cropped tops turn into bralette

For many years now, cropped tops have become a staple for our daily style. This new season, the catwalks predicted its transformation into a bralette and Zara has not hesitated to launch its own proposals.

– Top texture, 12.95 euros.

– Top crochet, 15.95 euros.

– Top Seamless, 7.95 euros.

The corset can be worn daily

Even the most difficult trends are presented in the new collection in a simple and versatile way. So if you can’t get over the Bridgerton rage, this corset could help you emulate those whimsical looks.

– Black knitted corset, 22.95 euros.

Long dresses are perfect to wear 24/7

You don’t have to have a black tie event to slip into a long, flowing dress. Printed or plain, Zara floods its new collection with this wonderful garment.

– Long dress with lace detail, 35.95 euros.

– With polka dot print, 29.95 euros.

– Satin, 39.95 euros.

Invasion of the stripes

Once again, the striped print will be the favorite of the season. Whether horizontal or vertical, these will come in different sizes to add a groundbreaking touch. The classic can be modern, here is the sample.

– Body with zipper, 17.95 euros.

– Striped polo dress, 25.95 euros.

– Knitted sweater, 22.95 euros.

Don’t miss a single trend for this Spring-Summer 2021

Photos | Zara