all the sound of Bose in sports sunglasses

They have micro audio systems so that a soundtrack accompanies you in your workouts while protecting your eyes.

By bike, running, walking or climbing steep paths. In the rain, in full sun or snowing. Nothing can resist the new Tempo Frames. A new and evolved version of this renowned product –the Frames’ just plain’- which, now, is dressed in aerodynamic shapes so that athletes can enjoy their activities without limits.

Miniature audio

They have the outstanding miniature audio technology of the firm and a matrix of two microphones to talk on the phone or with the virtual assistant of your mobile with maximum clarity. Its ergonomic design stands out for including three silicone pads of different sizes for a perfect fit on the bridge of the nose, temples with flexible ends and interchangeable mirror lenses. To all this, it adds an autonomy of up to 8 hours (2.5 if a 30 minute charge is carried out).

Heirs of the Bose Frames

Bose Frames, consecrated as one of the best inventions of 2019 for having known how to cover two needs in one, audio and vision, now reinvent themselves again to adapt and focus on a specific type of user: the athlete. Thus, Bose Frames Tempo perfectly meet the needs of sports lovers on their outings, offering a studied specific design for them. Resistant to sweat, water (they comply with the IPX4 protocol) and adverse weather conditions, they are high-performance glasses that have a lightweight, ergonomic and aerodynamic frame made of nylon.

Three-size ear pads

Among its main and differential characteristics, they stand out for including silicone pads in three different sizes for a support without marks on the nose and temples with flexible ends, as well as custom spring hinges. To this is added the acoustic mesh that they integrate, which has been specially designed to prevent water or dust from entering the ports.

Interchangeable and custom crystals

They also stand out for having black polarized polycarbonate mirror lenses (12% TLV and 99% UVA / UVB protection) resistant to scratches and breaks. These can also be swapped in seconds to suit lighting and terrain conditions and choose Road Orange lenses when medium lighting is required for activities such as running or road cycling. And it is that, they are able to reduce visual fatigue caused by bright light and asphalt flashes (TLV of 20%).

For their part, the Trail Blue lenses (TLV of 28%) have been adapted for medium to low lighting in order to filter the light from shaded trails. In addition, they enhance details on uneven terrain while attenuating bright light. They are also ideal for running and mountain biking.

Glasses to see, hear and speak

Bose Frames Tempo eliminate the need to wear headphones because they themselves integrate two miniature speakers located on their pins. Based on the company’s revolutionary Bose Open Ear Audio design, users can pay attention to their surroundings – traffic, people and whatever else they encounter while exercising – while listening to music. In this sense, Bose has succeeded in taking microacoustics, voice control and augmented reality to a new level, creating the smallest sound system in its history.

Thanks to this, the user hears rich and immersive audio that is reproduced through Bluetooth technology, while the rest of the people around him perceive practically nothing. And it is that, its exclusive technology and the 16 mm micro-speakers integrated in the temples are capable of directing the audio only to the wearer of the glasses, minimizing the audio to the outside.

They also integrate a matrix of two microphones capable of accurately capturing voice, which translates into the possibility of answering phone calls and holding conversations with clarity and clarity.

Full one-button control

Bose Frames Tempo provide the most intuitive use based on a single small button built into the lower part of the right temple. In this way, when you press it once, the glasses turn on and a voice informs you how much battery is left. When the user is listening to music, with this same control they can stop and activate the sound. To go to another song, you only need to press it twice.

This same control is also used to manage calls: press once to answer the call or leave it pressed for a second to hang up. And to activate the Siri or Google Assistant assistants, you need to press it for a couple of seconds. To turn off the glasses, just turn them for a few seconds.

Meanwhile, to manage the volume, just slide your finger over the interface located on the right pin, which allows you to raise or lower it.

Comfortable and light

With an attractive and comfortable design, Bose Frames Tempo measures 65mm x 157mm x 136mm (glass width – total width – temple length) and weighs just 49.89 grams.

On the other hand, they provide an autonomy of up to 8 hours of listening to streaming music and, if the user wishes, can perform a quick charge of 30 minutes to obtain an autonomy of 2.5 hours. They are sold together with a case to protect them, a cloth chamois to clean them and a USB type C charging cable to recharge them.