Locked up at home not knowing what to do? If you have HBO, these will be the series and films that the platform will premiere in Spain. The platform has already announced, finally, what will be the new titles that customers can enjoy. But calm down, because not all the titles will come at once: as frequently happens, the new series, films and documentaries will be released throughout the month; However, the first day will undoubtedly be when we will see the most premieres.

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Series, films and documentaries that HBO will premiere in April 2020

This month, however, we won’t see much of the producer’s original content, but the majority is content that had already been released previously in the cinema and even on other platforms, in addition to the fact that many of them had already been presented on the small screen.

All new HBO series in April

The Ministry of Time. From T1 to T3 (April 1)
Dry water (April 1)
Siren. Season 3 (April 3)
Future Man. Season 3 (April 4)
Crime and Disappearance in Atlanta: The Lost Children (April 6)
Run (April 13)
Insecure. Season 4 (April 13)
Mrs. America (April 15)
What we do in the shadows Season 2 (April 15)
Mrs. America (April 15)
We’re here (April 24)
Killing Eve. Season 3 (April)
The undeniable truth (I know this much is true) (April 28)

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All new HBO movies in April

Contagion (April 1)
Spider-Man (April 1)
Spider-Man 2 (April 1)
Spider-Man 3 (April 1)
Game night (April 1)
15:17 Train to Paris (April 1)
The Amazing Spider-Man 2: The Power of Electro (April 1)
The orphan (April 1)
Rampage Project (April 1)
Ready Player One (April 1)
Sex Tape. Something Happens in the Cloud (April 1)
Hannah Arendt (April 1)
The Unknown (April 3)
Jack Ryan: Shadow Code (April 8)
Impossible Mission: Secret Nation (April 8)
Shooter (April 8)
Entourage. The movie (April 10)
Godzilla (April 10)
Silence (April 10)
Carol (April 17)
Rock’n’Rolla (April 17)
10,000 BC (April 17)
The plot (April 17)
Last Days (April 22)
Hereditary (April 24)
A Revenge Story (April 24)
Blood Father (April 24)
The life of Adèle (April 24)
Rendel (April 24)
Baby Driver (April 26)
A death funeral (April 26)
You carry it! (28th of April)
XXX2: State of emergency (April 29)

All new HBO documentaries in April

As for documentaries, we can only find a new title: The Scheme. The Christian Dawkins scandal.

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This is an exclusive HBO documentary that will be released on the first day of the month. In it, the FBI’s unprecedented covert investigation of two years into corruption in college basketball is recounted, resulting in the arrest of Adidas executives and the assistants to the coaches of the main university sports programs.

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