All the premieres of the week on Netflix: will Zack Snyder also triumph with Netflix? | Entertainment

Army of the Dead is the premiere of the week on Netflix, but in the next few days many more titles will arrive on the platform.

Some weeks have little news on Netflix, but this it is compensated by the great names that arrive. In the next few days you will not only have the new Zack Snyder movie, but also the second season of The Neighbor and other premieres that we are going to show you.

Zack Snyder triumphed again not too long ago on HBO with Zack Snyder’s Justice League, but this revival has not meant that he was not working on other projects during all this time and, almost without respite, we have the movie Army of the dead, his return to the world of zombies.

Army of the Dead is a film with a somewhat crazy premise in which in the middle of a zombie invasion a group of characters decide to return to Las Vegas to recover 200 million of the camera of a casino. These mercenaries have 32 hours to fulfill their plan, but they will face different personal setbacks, with zombies or even a government bombardment included to finish off the zombies.

Disney + continues to release news, such as its STAR channel. If you sign up for the annual subscription, you will save the equivalent of two months compared to the monthly subscription.

The film premiered last Friday in theaters, although it is expected to succeed with its landing on Netflix, especially given the Snyder’s avalanche of followers. But his return to the world of zombies, or outside of superheroes, has been somewhat overshadowed and has not garnered as much attention as expected.

Army of the Dead premieres on Netflix on May 21, but there are more series and movies coming to the platform.

Premiere series on Netflix

Premiere movies on Netflix

Last wish – May 18
Cyclists by chance: Grizzly Tour – may 19
In Search of Valentina: The World of Guido Crepax – may 19
Sons of the Ndrangheta – may 19
Tenebre – may 19
The last days – may 19
The Hateful Peter Tatchell – May 20th
Sam Smith: Love Goes – Live At Abbey Road Studios – May 22nd

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