All the premieres of Netflix Spain in July 2021

The premieres of Netflix in July 2021 arrive as the streaming service always knows how to do: very numerous. Again, Netflix repeats for another month as the platform that adds the most content to its catalog, both in the background and new releases of original content.

In total, Netflix premieres there are almost 100 titles that become part of the available content on the platform in Spain. And as always, well distributed among the new films, the premieres of original series and the continuation of new seasons.

In addition, a good handful of special content distributed between documentaries and other premieres are also included. A different audiovisual strategy that the company inaugurated almost a year ago and with which it leads the industry.

Another month, this in the middle of hot summer in Spain, Netflix premieres continue to show that are the most powerful, both quantitatively and qualitatively. Confirming that it is one of the services that most bets on the varied and numerous content of the entire streaming scene.

All the premieres of Netflix Spain in July 2021


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Young Highnesses premieres July 1 Pokémon Journeys releases July 1 Generation 56K releases July 1 Tales from the Quarantine releases July 1 Magical Book of Zero releases July 1 LA Finest , premiered July 1 Mortal Season 2, premiered July 2 It’s mine, premiered July 4 We are united, premiered July 4 You’re my spring, premiere July 5 Why don’t you you go? Season 2, premiering July 6, In the Swamp Season 2, premiere July 7, Neighborhood War, premiering July 7, Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, premiering July 8, A Place to Dream Season 3, Premiere July 9 Biohackers Season 2, Premiere July 9 Atypical Season 4, Premiere July 9 Close Enough, Premiere July 9 Ridley Jones, The Museum Keeper, Premiere July 13 A Unorthodox Life, Premiere July 14 Never Have I Season 2 Premiere July 15 Beastars Season 2 Premiere July 15 Johnny Test Premiere July 16 Ali & Ratu Ratu Queens, Premiere July 16 July 21, The Movies That Made Us Season 2, July 21, Playing With Fire Brazil, July 21, Masters of the Universe: Revelation, July 23, July 21, The Movies That Made Us Season 2, July 21. Sky Rojo Season 2 opens July 23 Mighty Expres Season 4 opens July 27 Los Capos Poster: The Origin opens July 28 io Tattoo Recycling opens July 28 Centauria opens July 30 Outer Banks Season 2 opens July 30


Netflix premieresDynasty Warriors, released July 1, Late Night, released July 1, Me Before You, released July 1, Welcome to the Jungle, released July 1, Crash Pad, released July 1, The Hobbit : An Unexpected Journey, premiering July 1 The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, premiering July 1 The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, premiering July 1 Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway, premiering July 1 July. Say yes, premiere on July 1. The Street of Terror I, premiere on July 2. The Street of Terror II, premiere on July 9. The Street of Terror III, premiere on July 16. The 8th Night, opening July 2, Beauty and the Enigma, opening July 2, All About Nina, opening July 2, Draft Day, opening July 2, RattleSnake, opening July 2, Malagasy 32, Premiere July 3, The Intruder, released July 3, Heroes in Hell, released July 4, The Book of Henry, released July 4, Igor Grom vs. Doctor Plague, released July 7. This Lit tle Love of Mine, premiering July 7, That Summer, premiering July 9, How I Became a Superhero, premiering July 9, Waterman, premiering July 9, Finding Hubby, premiering July 9 The Classic Horror Story, premiering July 14th, The Perfect Family Handbook, premiering July 14th, The Last of Her Shoe, premiering July 15th My Friend Amanda, premiering July 15th Insomniac, Releasing July 16 Deep, Releasing July 16 Trollhunters: Awakening Of The Titans Releasing July 21 Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop, Releasing July 22 The Last Love Letter, Releasing 23 July 23, Kingdom: The Ashin Story, premiered July 23, Blood Red Sky, premiered July 23, A Second Chance – Rivals, premiered July 23, Anchored, premiered July 23, Bartkowiak, premiered on July 23. July 28: You Can’t Run Away From Love, released July 29, The Last Mercenary, released July 30.

Documentaries, specials and other Netflix premieres

Audible, premiering July 1 Canine Friends Season 2, premiering on, premiering July 1 Fellini: I’m a Clown, premiering July 1 Fasttest, premiering July 1 Trunk goes!, Premiering July 2 July 2, Nureyev, released July 2, Mad for the Cats, released July 7, Elize Matsunaga: Once Upon a Crime, released July 8, How They Became Tyrants, released July 9. Lee Su-guen: The Sense Coach, premiere on July 9 Naomi Osaka, premiere on July 13 Master theft, premiere on July 14 Private network, who killed Manuel Buendía ?, premiere on July 14 Emicide : AmarElo – Live in São Paulo, premiere on July 15 In a few words Season 3, premiere on July 16.

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