All the premieres of HBO Spain in May 2021

The HBO premieres in the month of May comply, as with every appointment, with the addiction to the catalog of some of the best movies from the Warner factory. And it is that this month they make an appearance at the HBO premieres of Nolan’s Batman trilogy, as well as the saga of Sherlock Holmes by Robert Downey Jr.

In addition, some very interesting and highly acclaimed background films, such as Spy Game, Anabel or Beauty and the Beast, also reach the HBO premiere catalog. As a powerful premiere of the month, Terminator Genisys will be available on HBO premieres from May 29.

As for series, this month there is little variety. However, some premieres such as the last seasons of Blindspot or Pose stand out, as well as the premiere of Birdgirl or Robot Chicken.

All the premieres of HBO Spain


Batman Begins, premiering May 1, The Dark Knight, premiering May 1, The Dark Knight. The Legend Rises, opening May 1 Sherlock Holmes, opening May 1 Sherlock Holmes. Game of Shadows, premiering May 1, Spy Game, premiering May 1, The Jungle, premiering May 8, Cold War, opening May 11, Bye, Little One, Bye, premiere May 14, Revolutionary Road, opening May 14, Arthur and War of the Worlds, opening May 14, Girl On The Train, opening May 14, La Joven De La Perla, opening May 14 Suffragettes, opening May 14 May 19 The Wife, released May 19, Perfect Sense, released May 21, Albert Nobbs, released May 21, Godzilla. King of the Monsters, premiering May 25 Anabel, Coming Home, premiering May 28 Little Chaos, premiering May 28 The Lookout, premiering May 28 Beauty and the Beast, premiering May 28 May 28, Terminator Genisys, released May 29, Goldfinch, released May 30.


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Pose. Final Season, premiering May 3 DC Legends Of Tomorrow. Season 6, premiering May 4 Blindspot. Final Season, premiere on May 7, in Therapy. Season 4, premiering May 24, Mr. Inbetween. Season 3, premiering May 26, Robot Chicken. Archie Comics Special, premiering May 28, Birdgirl. Season 1, premiering May 30.


Crime of the Century, premiering May 11 Our Father, premiering May 13.

HBO premieres in the ‘KIDS’ section

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Clarence. Season 1, premiering May 7, Scooby-Doo and Company. Season 2, premiering May 14, Cocomelon. Season 1, premiering May 21, ok ko! let’s be heroes. Season 1, premiering May 28, Rise of the Guardians, premiering May 7, Pets, premiering May 7, Tom and Jerry: Robin Hood and Sherwood Mouse, premiering May 21, Sing! , premieres May 21. Lorax: In Search of the Lost Trupula, premieres May 28.