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Leader in the world of simulation video games, 2K Games offers a new version of NBA 2K. Update on the news to know about NBA 2K21.

What’s new in the “My Team” mode

This year, NBA 2K21 introduces free seasons in the “My Team” mode which are based on the one hand on updating the rewards offered and the addition of a novelty to the mode of each season which lasts approximately six weeks. The goals for each season are coordinated by a daily, weekly and seasonal agenda. Completing these goals allows you to accumulate more experience and advance to other seasons. If you reach the max level, you are given a grand prize in addition to the rewards you get for each leveling up. The season 1 grand prize is a card Stephen curry Pink diamond.

A new online multiplayer mode is also available on NBA 2K21 with the new “My Limited Team” mode. It allows you to compete against other players in 5v5 and win champion rings. Five rings collected allow you to unlock the “Pink Diamond” card of a great player. This new mode is only available on weekends and is restricted in terms of training to allow you to take on new challenges and challenge yourself with players you may not be used to controlling. The new “Redeem” feature allows you to redeem your cards for other rewards.

New features in “My Career” mode

The scenario of NBA 2K21, which is also available in dematerialized version at online key store, focuses on the story of the son of a well-known basketball player. He dreams of joining the NBA and must join a university for that. You have the choice between 10 university programs, namely:

Michigan State UConn Florida Gonzaga Syracuse Texas Tech Oklahoma UCLA Villanova West Virginia

The “My Career” mode takes place in a new district: 2K Beach, characterized by a sunny setting and modern infrastructures. Many NBA events are hosted there and institutions well known by fans of the game are present. You will find Swag’s, the REC or the NBA store there.

New in Pro controls

In NBA 2K21, Pro controls have been reworked, allowing for a more precise control of players. The use of the right stick is more extended and allows to release a wider range of dribbling. The new commands applied are:

Suspended shooting: keep the right stick down Clearance dribbling: keep the right stick to the right or left Custom sizes up: keep the right stick up Fast 1 on 1 dribbling: press the right stick Quick Momentum dribbling: press the right stick while holding the sprint button

The left trigger has also been changed to make Street moves more accessible and to avoid unintentionally activating them by knocking out defenders.

The new edition of NBA 2K offers new special sizes up. 14 sizes up Street and 36 sizes up NBA are available exclusively in NBA 2K21.

The shot gauge for manual shots becomes an aiming system in this new opus. The fire window changes dynamically depending on the player’s abilities, the challenge and the range of the shot. This new system is also optimized to limit disputes and double-step control.

New iconic defensive moves and special Street Mode shots have been incorporated into NBA 2K21. Badges have been reworked and the “Quick Trigger” Badge is no longer available in order to prioritize casting speed for suspended shots.

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