All the news of DSM 7, the new operating system from Synology

Synology has announced the release date of its new operating system DSM 7.0 or DiskStation Manager 7, for your NAS devices, which incorporates a lot of changes, improvements, news. It will be available for many of your products – although many will be left out of this update, especially if they are more than seven years old – starting in June 29, 2021.

Improved user experience with a new interface design, login security improvements, flexible cloud storage, cloud system monitoring, among many other things, are the main improvements of the new version.

They also incorporate a new storage manager, better organized and easier to understand. They also incorporate improvements such as rapid disk repair in RAID, which tries to solve problems in much less time than previous versions.

There are also profound changes that improve device security, from enforcing two-step authentication to even blocking the device’s USB ports.

Synology has also incorporated improvements in its photo storage solution, Synology Photos, with advanced filters, folder management and new design.

The list of news from DSM 7 it is extremely extensive. That is why Synology offers a technical document detailing each of the improvements and changes made in this new version of the operating system of its products.

Synology Hybrid Share and Synology C2

Synology Hybrid Share allows you to store shared data in the cloud and keep frequently used files in a local cache on the NAS for quick access.

That not only allows access to the same file from several Synology at the same time, as if they were stored locally. It also allows to reduce local storage space and therefore reduce costs.

All this using the service Synology C2, which in turn also works to make backups in the cloud or to recover data instantly. Simply mounting a Hybrid Share folder on any company device.

What Synology devices are compatible with DSM 7?

Because the new version DSM 7 it is more sophisticated, with more functions, new interface design and therefore requires more resources, not all models of Synology they are compatible.

These are the products that will be able to install the new version of the operating system:

Series 21: RS2821RP +, RS2421RP +, RS2421 +, RS1221RP +, RS1221 +, DS1821 +, DS1621 + Series 20: RS820RP +, RS820 +, DS1520 +, DS920 +, DS720 +, DS620slim, DS420 +, DS420j, DS220 +, DS191 +, DS219S + 191 DS219S , DS2419 +, DS1819 +, DS1019 +, DS419slim, DS119jSeries 18: RS2818RP +, RS2418RP +, RS2418 +, RS818RP +, RS818 +, DS1618 +, DS918 +, DS718 +, DS418, DS418play, DS418j, DS17218 +, DSplay 17ies, DS17218 +, DS17218 + DSplay , DS1517 +, DS1517Series 16: RS2416RP +, RS2416 +, RS816, DS916 +, DS716 + II, DS716 +, DS416, DS416play, DS416slim, DS416j, DS216 + II, DS216 +, DS216, DS216play, DS216j, RS815216RP +: RS815216RP , DS2415 +, DS1815 +, DS1515 +, DS1515, DS715, DS415 +, DS415play, DS215 +, DS215j, DS115, DS115jSeries 14: RS2414RP +, RS2414 +, RS814RP +, RS814 +, RS814, RS214, DS414214, DS414splay2, DS414, DS414s DS114Series 13: DS2413 +, DS1813 +, DS1513 +, DS713 +, DS213jVirtual DSM

Synology You have noticed that before starting the update to DSM 7, you have to update to the version DSM 6.2 or older. Also remember that the process can take more than an hour, depending on the equipment.

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