All the news of Android 12 presented at Google I / O 2021

This is everything that has been announced about Android 12 at Google I / O 2021.

Android 12 is now official. The new version of Google’s operating system has been fully unveiled in the Google I / O 2021, which has opened its doors this Tuesday, May 18. During the conference, Google announced the main novelties of this update, which will begin to reach the first devices very soon.

There are many what’s new in Android 12 announced during Google I / O 2021. Let’s review them all.

One of the themes available in Android 12, with its new interface.

Android 12 beta is now available

After a preliminary program formed by three versions for developers, Google has launched the first public beta version of Android 12.

This is the first delivery available through the Android beta program, so that it is no longer necessary to resort to its manual installation through the factory image provided by Google.

Enough with join the program and select a compatible device, and shortly after the update can be downloaded via OTA on the device.

The Android 12 beta It is compatible with all Google Pixel devices starting with the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. It is to be hoped that, as the weeks go by, other manufacturers will decide to offer versions of your software based on the Android 12 beta for their most recent devices, thus bringing users closer to the possibility of test android 12 before the release of the final version.

Google has confirmed in this regard that, initially, there will be phones from a total of 11 brands compatible with the Anddroid 12 beta.

The 142 mobiles that will receive Android 12, and when they will

All the news of Android 12 Beta

The three preliminary versions of Android 12 already gave us indications that pointed to this would be one of the biggest updates in the history of the operating system. And the signs have not failed.

Android 12 arrives full of changes and interesting news, ranging from a completely revamped user interface, to strengthened privacy protections and changes aimed at making all our devices work better together.

These are all Android 12 changes announced during the I / O.

A new interface

Android has changed forever. Now, Google’s is one more operating system dynamic, fun and colorful.

With Android 12, Google introduces a revision of their Material Design visual language, called Material You, with changes ranging from a few more fluid and natural animations, to more organic elements that shape the menus, applications and the rest of the interface components.

The dynamism is given by the new native theme engine, which is automatically capable of get the primary colors of the wallpaper set by the user, and generate a theme based on those tones.

Material You

Material You allows you to generate custom themes, which are applied even to system apps.

Secluded like the Settings menu, the notification bar, or even applications like the keyboard will change its appearance depending on the theme configured, so that each device with Android 12 is totally unique, based on the tastes of its user.

Practically all the changes in the interface share the same features: the elements feature even more rounded corners, are more colorful and generally occupy a larger size.

In that sense, they have been added new customizable sections, as the lock screen, which now allows you to set different styles for the clock widget, or the own weather widget of the home screen, more eye-catching and configurable.

Speaking of the lock screen, it is now will show an indicator with pending notifications in a “pill” located in the upper left corner, with a different accent color depending on the theme being used.

Also change own notifications from the bar, now locked in cards with rounded corners, and located just below a quick settings panel with a new look, with fewer switches, but a more eye-catching look for them.

It is worth noting that the new interface will be exclusive to the Pixels at first, and will be available from autumn this year.

Different themes of Android 12

Some of the new Android 12 themes.

Privacy Dashboard

With the objective of reinforce the security and privacy measures of the operating system, Google now offers users a new panel within the system settings, that offers the possibility of enabling or rejecting in a simpler way the application access to sections such as camera or location.

Others have also relocated privacy settings within this panel, as the option of show passwords as they are written, or the option of show notifications on lock screen.

Likewise, a more precise control over clipboard access and autofill service credentials.

Although the most interesting in this sense is the permission manager, which among other novelties now offers a record from which to see what permissions each app has used recently. So, for example, you can know if an app has accessed your location or camera in the last 24 hours.

Android 12 privacy control panel

The new Android 12 privacy control panel.

Best widgets

Android 12 completely change the widgets, giving more flexibility to developers when creating them, and to users when using them.

Now, Android widgets take advantage of some of the Google Assistant features, and the conversations widget, which reflects the messages sent or received from the most recent conversations, from messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram or the Google messages app.

Said widget can be customized to the user’s taste regarding dimensions or appearance.

Faster operation

Thanks to the new design, Google has managed to improve the performance of Android, speeding up animations by up to 22% over the previous installment.

Privacy indicators

The new Android 12 privacy indicators are inspired by the feature built into iOS 14, showing the user a prompt when an app is using the microphone, camera, or you are accessing the location permission.

Android 12 privacy indicators

This is how the new Android 12 privacy indicators appear.

Private Computer Core

Google wants you to know that takes privacy seriously. To do this, it has created Private Computer Core, a new initiative that gathers a series of functions aimed at privacy in the same “core” –whose code is open and public–.

With this core, Google ensures that the functions built into it cannot communicate with the “outside” through the Internet, nor access the content of other applications.

Better performance with other devices

If you have a Chromebook or any other device with ChromeOS, you can unlock it with your mobile. You can also send files in a more comfortable way , and perform many other actions.

In that sense, Google has improved functions such as Fast pair to support even more devices, such as Apple’s Beats headphones.

Unlock your car with your mobile

In the not too distant future, as long as you have a compatible car, you can easily open or close it with your mobile updated to Android 12. This feature, which was already available on some devices, will be available more widely thanks to its integration into the operating system.

In order to use this function, you will need have a mobile with Ultra Wide Band technology, like the latest models in the Samsung Galaxy series.

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