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Talking about a new version of Windows is not a minor issue. Even less when Microsoft touts it as the biggest update of the most recent decade. After an avalanche of leaks and without much room for surprises, Redmond finally presented Windows 11, whose novelties are intended to mark a before and after in the history of the operating system. Is it as important as the company describes it? Yes, definitely.

At least in recent years, the company has gotten us used to witnessing the renewal of its services, applications and hardware products. However, Windows was one of the “forgotten” few. Although Windows 10 received updates periodically, it was time for the system to give a step forward to adapt to visual language that so much has distinguished those of Redmond during the management of Satya Nadella.

Windows 11 is precisely the result of years of learning and experiences with the rest of its software catalog. It should be noted that, although Windows 11 offers us a good handful of news, mainly visually, it is also true that retains functions and features that would be difficult to get rid of. Not only because they play a key role in the general functioning of Windows, but also because they are part of the daily experience of millions of people.

Say hello to the new Windows 11 interface

Credit: Windows Central

As mentioned above, the new interface is the main attraction of Windows 11. It is also evident that they have been inspired by multiple details of the canceled Windows 10X. Microsoft notes that no pixel has been neglected, especially on the desktop. It is in this section where the first big news comes into view: new taskbar. For years the start menu and icons were located on the left side of the bottom bar. Now, however, they are centered.

You may think that this change is not significant, but it is because it is an element with which we constantly interact. A simple change of location will alter your experience. And with the relocation of the lower elements comes a new start menu. Live Tiles are a thing of the past and in their place appears a grid with the icons of the applications you used recently. Of course, the buttons to turn off, restart or suspend the computer are still there.

You may have already noticed that the start menu of Windows 11 bets on rounded corners, transparencies and new animations. Well, you should know that these details will be extended to the entire operating system interface, thus achieving visual consistency. A very interesting novelty, and one that many users will appreciate, is that it will now be possible to manage the multitasking experience from the button to resize the windows. When you leave the cursor, a organizer to locate them in any section of the screen.

This publication is in constant development as Microsoft presents the news of Windows 11 …

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