After it was confirmed yesterday, the final and stable version of iPadOS 14 is now available for download for all users of the world. Thus ends a summer full of beta versions and a Golden Master version that will have lasted only 24 hours: more than one brave person who has tried the betas has already commented that it is one of the most stable versions that have circulated.

First of all, we recommend patience. You can upgrade to iPadOS 14 from the General Settings section on your iPad, but if you are reading this on the night of September 16, be aware that everyone is trying to do it. It is very likely that the download will be very slow due to the collapse of Apple’s servers, or that it will take time to appear available on all devices.

iPadOS 14: New Widgets, Handwriting Recognition, and More


Let’s do a summary review of everything new that iPadOS 14 brings to our iPad:

The Widgets announced with iOS 14 are also coming to iPadOS 14, although they are still pinned to the sidebar and cannot be mixed with the application icons. The design of the applications has been retouched and unified with new sidebars and top buttons, something that we will appreciate in favor of the general experience of use. There are improvements in the management and automation of the shortcuts. The application Photos receives new options, such as the possibility of reordering our collection. He handwriting recognition with Apple Pencil promises a new way to interact exclusively with this accessory in iOS applications. Siri will translate web pages locally and offline, processed on the device itself to guarantee our privacy. A new Spotlight With a design similar to that of macOS, it will teach us to use it more intensively. The new groups and nested responses Messages will also be compatible with iPadOS 14. The Siri and call interface it becomes much less intrusive, occupying only a corner or upper section of the screen.

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IPadOS 14 Compatibility and Requirements


iPad OS 14 can be installed on the following iPad models:

Before updating, just in case, make sure you have a backup of the iPad either in iCloud or locally on a Mac. If you have never done it before, remember that it is something essential and that we have taught you to do through this video tutorial. You’ll also need plenty of free space on your tablet, so it’s a good time for you to do some cleaning.

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