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We expected Android 12 to be released sometime in February and has finally happened. The next big update to Google’s operating system has arrived granting most of the previously leaked features, and probably some of the missing ones will arrive in the developer versions that will be released from now on.

After the current one, of course, because the first installable version is already on the street. With Android 12 the phones that receive it they will become safer and more efficient thanks to the different features implemented by Google, and they will also become easier to use. Let’s see what Android 12 has for us.

Android 12 DP1 is here

As we have said before, Google has already released the new version of its operating system, Android 12, and has done so with the first version for developers. The ‘Android 12 Developer Preview 1’ or ‘Android 12 DP1’ It is already among us, and on board it is detected several of the novelties that will finally reach Android 12 when the final version is released in August.

With Android 12 now come improvements such as Samesite cookies that are incorporated into the WebView system and that offer greater security and privacy while we surf the Internet and that, incidentally, restricts access to the MAC in the system’s applications. A more anonymous and secure browsing and in a completely native way.

Android 12 now supports conversion of HEVC content, the most used video format in recent times, to AVC format for those applications that are not compatible with the former. In this way, the use of HEVC is extended, serving Android 12 as an intermediary in case of not offering native support. Also included is support for AVIF images, more efficient in compression than JPGs.

Other features coming to Android 12 are the following:

Embed rich content in apps that now support drag and drop, copied content, insertions from the keyboard, etc.
Haptic sound effects in which the vibration motor intervenes in the multimedia experience.
Multi-channel and spatial audio to support up to 24 channels of sound.
Improved gesture navigation thanks to a new API that makes them easier.
Improved notifications with a more modern and functional design, which also includes new animations. Responsiveness is also improved by blocking third-party apps that interfere with the system.
Improved compatibility with apps and various changes, such as the Android Runtime (ART) update from Google Play, thus speeding up the correction of errors and the arrival of improvements.

Mobile phones compatible with Android 12 DP1

As usual, Google’s Pixel phones are put in first place to be able to test this version for developers of Android 12. So we can install it on the Pixel 3, Pixel 3a, Pixel 4, Pixel 4a, Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5 Here are the upgrade instructions.

The calendar of updates and betas of Android 12

The number one developer version has already been released, but Google has also announced their schedule for the next releases. A calendar that includes from this first version to the final release in August. These will be the intermediate steps:

February: Android 12 Developer Preview 1.
March: Android 12 Developer Preview 2.
April: Android 12 Developer Preview 3.
May: Android 12 Beta 1.
June: Android 12 Beta 2.
July: Beta 3.
August: Android 12 Beta 4.
August: Candidate version.
August: Final version.

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