Apple introduced iOS 14 at its June event and, after several months of beta versions, the final version is finally due to launch. The company has already set the date for iOS 14 release, which will be tomorrow, Wednesday, September 16, and we also know all the models to which this update will arrive.

iOS 14 is an update quite loaded with improvements and news. From the new desktop widgets, through the app library, the PiP mode for videos or the new translator. These are all the details of iOS 14, how to install and which iPhones it will be compatible with.

iOS 14: most important news

What changes will we notice when updating to iOS 14? The truth is that quite a few, from visual changes that will not go unnoticed at all to other less obvious changes such as privacy improvements. Let’s see the most important:

Widgets on the desktop

Without a doubt one of the most notable changes in terms of design. iOS 14 debuts the widgets on the home screen for the first time. We will have widgets with different designs for the weather, the clock, the calendar and many more apps. It also comes with Smart Stack, a kind of smart widget that shows different content depending on our habits.

The app drawer

Apple calls it the App Library and, although it is not exactly the same as the Android app drawer, the end result is the same: allows us not to have all applications always on the home screen. The app library groups the applications by categories automatically, although it also allows browsing in an alphabetical list.

PiP video

This function already existed on iOS, but it could only be enjoyed on iPads. Now, iPhone can also take advantage of this option that allows watch videos on a floating window while using another app.

Siri launches design and functions

With iOS 14, Apple’s assistant debuts a new design. Now instead of occupying the entire screen it will appear as a floating card, less invasive. In addition, interaction with other applications is improved.


Translate is a new application that comes with iOS 14 and that takes translation to a new level. In addition to being able to ask Siri to translate something specific for us, it is now possible to have a simultaneous translator very Google Translate style.

Improvements in Messages

The iPhone messages application adds new functions such as the possibility of anchor conversations at the top, which will also appear as icons at the top, and the direct mentions to other users. How could it be otherwise, more customization options are added to the memojis, including accessories such as the mask.

Clips App

Would something like the Android Instant Apps. In the words of Craig Federighi they are « small parts of an application that are quickly and easily accessible ». In the presentation they put several examples, such as scanning an NFC tag, a QR or opening a link. Doing so opens a kind of card with what we need at that time. For example, in the photo above it is being used to pay for an electric scooter service.

What’s new in Apple Maps

Apple continues to improve its map application and introduces new features such as bike routes, location of chargers for electric vehicles or guides to world highlights.

More privacy

Finally we have improvements in privacy, specifically with the permissions requested by the apps. On the one hand, the App Store will stand out more clearly the data requested by an application, but we will also receive a specific request from each app to request said permissions.

iOS 14: supported models

Apple already confirmed at its June event that iOS 14 will arrive to all iPhones from iPhone 6s onwards. These are the models that may receive the update:

How and when to install iOS 14 on your iPhone

In order to install iOS 14 you can go to General – Software updateAlthough when the update is ready a notification should appear from which to start the download. Of course, keep in mind that it is a large update, so it is recommended to download from a WiFi network. It is also important that the battery level is sufficient. To avoid scares, connect the iPhone to the charger.

Another point to keep in mind is that before installing an update it is advisable to make a backup of all the data. You can save it with your computer and the help of iTunes or directly on your mobile with iCloud.

As we anticipated in the entry, Apple has set the release date of the version of iOS 14 for the tomorrow, September 16. If Apple doesn’t change plans, the usual time slots are as follows:

iOS 14 in Spain (Peninsula): between 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.

iOS 14 in the Canary Islands: between 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.

iOS 14 in Argentina and Chile: between 12:00 and 14:00.

iOS 14 in Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico and Peru: between 10:00 and 12:00.

Finally, we remind you that the first hours of the release of an update as important as iOS 14 are usually complicated. There are a lot of people trying to download the new version and the servers can get saturated, so be patient.