All the medals of Spain in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games: Cerezo, Valero, Chorraut …

How many medals has Spain won at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics?

Until the fourth day of competition at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, the Spanish delegation has won three Olympic medals. Two silver and one bronze.

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1st medal – Adriana Cerezo – Silver – Taekwondo (July 24, day 1)

The very young Adriana Cerezo, 17, won the first medal for Spain in Tokyo. She qualified for the -49kg final in taekwondo in her first Games and came close to gold but was unable to defeat Thailand’s Panipak Wongpattanakit. Winning a dam in his first Games with his age is a real feat.

Taekwondo | Adriana Cerezo hangs a bittersweet silver medal

2nd medal – David Valero – Bronze – Mountain biking (July 26, day 3)

The Spanish cyclist David Valero achieved the second metal for the Spanish delegation. He achieved bronze in the men’s mountain biking event, also known as mountain biking or cross-country. He starred in a great comeback in the final part of the test that earned him the medal.

Mountain Bike | David Valero achieves the bronze medal after a stellar comeback

3rd medal – Maialen Chorraut – Silver – Canoeing in slalom (July 27, day 4)

Veteran Maialen Chorraut claimed her third Games medal by winning silver in Tokyo. His great descent and the final failure of Jessica Fox, the great favorite, gave him the silver in the individual K1. After achieving bronze in London 2012 and gold in Rio 2016, in Tokyo 2020 he fell the only step of the podium that he had not climbed.

Slalom | Maialen Chourraut silver to enlarge its legend

Spanish Olympic Diplomas in Tokyo 2020

Until the fourth day of competition, the delegation of Spain has achieved three Olympic diplomas in Tokyo.

1st diploma: Mireia Belmonte was fourth in the 400m styles and brushed bronze, she was only 23 hundredths behind the medal.

Swimming | 23 hundredths of the bronze! Mireia brushed the medal in the 400 styles

2nd diploma: Ander Elosegi signed the eighth position in C1 slalom canoeing. It is his fourth Olympic diploma.

Slalom canoeing | Elosegi achieves his fourth Olympic diploma

3rd diploma: Hugo González took sixth place in the 100m backstroke, a great result for his first Games.

Slalom canoeing | Elosegi achieves his fourth Olympic diploma

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Tokyo 2020

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Tokyo 2020

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