all the excitement of Mecano, 30 years later

“It’s the show the largest there is of the largest group there has ever been“With this forcefulness the choreographer Sergio Alcover (Fame: to dance) sums up what Cruz de navajas is, the musical show that opens today in Madrid, a tribute to the songs of the Mecano group.

“It is not a tribute, we are not trying to imitate, we use the songs, which are the most important heritage of Mecano, and with them we have built a supershow“, explains Gonzalo Pérez Pastor, creator of the idea and producer of Cruz de navajas, an audiovisual display in which eight singers, 12 dancers and ten musicians perform live the songs of the famous group while a display of effects takes place around them visuals.

They are like 25 little musicals “, explains the creator, because that is the number of numbers of the show, in which, in total, counting on the medleys (medleys), you will be able to hear 35 songs by Mecano, the mythical band of the 80s and 90s that formed Ana Torroja and the brothers Nacho and José María Cano.

The 150-minute show, break included, will take place Thursday to Sunday at the Espacio Raro Tent (Ifema), the only place in Madrid “where all the montage came in” and that is “Covid free”, according to the creators.

The nostalgia of those who lived the music of Mecano is great, so the arranger and musical director, Isaac Ordóñez, warns and calms at the same time: “There are some very risky versions, but always safeguarding the essence and soul of the group“, because” Mecano has carried very powerful emotions to several generations. “He still does.

Cruz de navajas, a title that pays homage to one of Mecano’s best-known songs, has “moments of rawness and very funny moments“and various surprises and strengths throughout its performance.

The show, produced by Fever and Fadeout, and participated by Atresmedia, wants to be the “perfect balance between technology, music and history”, according to Sergio Alcover, who stressed that the premise for creating Cruz de navajas was to do it “without restrictions” or limitations when imagining it.

This audiovisual montage opens against all odds, and after a story that reflects many others in the entertainment world today. Cruz de navajas was born in Valencia a little over a year ago and, a week after the first performance, it had to be suspended due to the pandemic of the coronavirus and everything that came after with the confinement. Now, at last, Mecano has risen.

A mix of art and technology

Eight performers like a glove. Nearly 2,000 people attended the casting of Cruz de navajas, from which eight artists were selected who were assigned the songs based on “their tone, their style and their way of being,” for which reason the best of their abilities and the songs they sing.

Technology at the service of the show. For the first time in Spain, several high-resolution, transparent LED screens are used, measuring more than 100 square meters in total, which are combined with various structures and mechanized mobile supports, creating and transforming different spaces on stage.

Back to the eighties and nineties. All the artists who take the stage are perfectly characterized as in the Mecano period, thanks to a wardrobe made up of more than 290 costumes made to give life to each piece of music.

A little musical in each number. Each part of the show is designed as a small musical with its own theme in relation to the song in question, a specific narrative and set design. Added to that is an impressive staging that has videos made especially for the musical.