All the easter eggs that appear in chapter 4

Loki’s series it has everything for all tastes. From references to Blade Runner, the Wizard of Oz to existentialist and philosophical reflections. Chapter 4 of the Disney Plus series was a special lavish of references. There is not only an obvious line between a whole series of science fiction stories, but also a tour of the most recent Marvel Cinematic Universe. And what is more exciting, some keys to what we can find in Phase 4 of the franchise.

The Loki series, which is already past its mid-season and is heading into its last two chapters, also closes with a brilliant post-credits scene. There are also references in it and in the way the history of Loki is analyzed in generall. In the end, this great approach to one of Marvel’s favorite villains will be more than just a series. It is also a link to the magical and interdimensional world of the publishing house.

We leave you a detailed list of the most notorious and significant Easter eggs from a chapter loaded with them:

Back to the origins

The chapter begins with an unexpected look at Asgard. One in which the golden architecture of the planet can be clearly seen in all its splendor. It can also be seen at detail the exterior facade of the Royal Palace and the Rainbow Bridge, plus a luxurious interior room. Of course, Asgard has been featured frequently in different Thor movies, but this almost intimate look is novel.

There is another return to Asgard later in the chapter. In an attempt to make Loki reveal what happened in Lamentis, Mobius encloses in a temporary loop. There he meets Lady Sif and we also have a view of a long hall of the palace.

Finally and on a more endearing note, little Sylvie plays with a small ship and various figures. One of them, he calls Valkyrie (the character of Tessa Thompson in the franchise) and imagines her in full battle. It is likely that in Sylvie’s timeline, the Valkyries are still part of Asgard’s elite battle squad.

The true identity of Ravonna Renslayer

In Marvel Studios’ Loki, the fickle villain Loki (Tom Hiddleston) reprises his role as the God of Deception in a new series that takes place after the events of Avengers: Endgame. Kate Herron is directing it and Michael Waldron is the main screenwriter.

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As you already know, the troop soldiers of the TVA do not have names, but initials to identify themselves. And in chapter 4 we got to know Ravonna Renslayer’s. At the moment the character catches up and tries to bring little Sylvie to trial, her identification number can be seen: A-23. A no accident at all to the historical number 23 of the comic series The Avengers in which Renslayer appears for the first time.

Many more familiar planets

And as Mobius desperately tries to find the whereabouts of Loki and his variant, it comes out that the TVA is monitoring Morag. If you look closely, the planet is a visible name on the tracking screen. Where does that name sound to you? We give you a hint: Star Lord dancing in search of one of the Infinity Stones in Guardians of the Galaxy Volume I. Interesting fact? Morag and Lamentis appear in the same story as Keith Giffen’s Annihilation (2016).

An old visitor from the past

The preferred way to punish is apparently to use your worst memories against. And that’s exactly what Mobius does once he catches Loki again. But while Ravonna spends her time questioning Sylvie, Mobius has more creative ideas to put pressure on her version of Loki. And that one locking him in an infinite loop with an uncomfortable and even physically painful memory.

And who do we find in it? Lady Sif herself, played again by Jaimie Alexander. In memory, Sif reprimands him for cutting her hair. A directly mythological reference that goes back to the Poetic Edda of Nordic origin. In the story that is part of the Loki myth, in fact one of the antics of the god of lies, is to cut Sif’s golden hair. A curious data? In the Edda, Sif is Loki’s wife.

Monsters for all tastes

For Mobius, all the interest in Loki (any variant) from the TVA is nothing short of disconcerting. The bureaucrat comments with soldier B -15 that all kinds of creatures have passed through the venerable rooms of the TVA. And also specific: “Kree, titans, vampires.”

Without a doubt, the Kree and their love for the indiscriminate conquest of planets and cultures must be one of the first dangers for the TVA. But much more interesting is his mention of “titans and vampires.” Does the analyst talk about an alternate version of Thanos and would that explain the infinity stones in the agency?

Marvel Loki Sexuality

More intriguing still, is the express mention of vampires. With a casual phrase, Mobius acknowledges the existence of creatures in the Marvel universe and also opens the door to another story. The highly anticipated Blade with Mahershala Ali incarnated as the character.

Those parallels: Marvel doesn’t forget its dead

Agent Coulson was killed in the back during the events of The Avengers in 2012. One of Loki’s well-known “stab wounds” from behind. And now, it seems that he has received his quick retribution considering that everything happens in the same timeline. On the verge of making what is probably the most extravagant declaration of love ever, Renslayer stabs him in the back. Is everything a cycle in time? Well it seems that for Loki it is.

And after death: new friends

And when all the fans of Loki were crying his umpteenth death again, the god of lies opens his eyes, seemingly unharmed. And he does it in an unknown time space, in which he meets four new variants of himself. The most striking is of course classic Loki, played by actor Richard E. Grant and wearing the outfit of the character with which he was drawn in 1962.

Disney Plus

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But there is also Kid Loki, a beloved known to comic book readers. The character comes directly from the arc of 2011 in the comics, in which after dying he reincarnated in a young version. More puzzling is the presence of Croco Loki and Boastful Loki, not so closely related to main stories. Together, the entire team takes a journey through the entire great story of the god of lies through Marvel mythology.

Loki Roxxcart Marvel

That unexpected wink

While looking at all the new Loki variants did you take a look to the right? Then you saw the Avengers tower turned into ruins. Where is this collection of Lokis from all ages found? You have to wait a week to find out.

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