Every time a specific date is given about the league start, there is controversy served. A few weeks ago it was as a result of the declarations of Javier Aguirre in Mexico, and this time after last night the COPE Partidazo reported not only this date as the one scheduled for the First division to return, he also assured that the Seville derby would be the inaugural game of the return to this new normality.


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Ramon Fuentes

Hours later the president of the League, Javier Tebas, uploaded a message to the twitter account where he insisted again on the idea that he has been transferring for weeks. That it will only come back when the health authorities allow it. Textually it says the following: “The clubs, managers, players, referees … of LaLiga, we are excited about the return, but the competition will only begin when the health authorities consider it possible … the coordination work with the CSD, RFEF; it is and will be key “.
A message that also includes the role of the CSD and the Spanish Football Federation, making clear the result of the Viana Pact and the code of conduct signed by the three parties just now eight days ago.

This message does not mean that this date is still the most probable in the LaLiga road map, as we already told you in SPORT on May 10, it is initially June 12.

But for that it is necessary that all the terms established in the protocol drawn up by the league are met. Last Monday, and after authorization in the BOE by the Ministry of Health, all group training sessions for professional clubs started. Even though not all Spanish provinces, starting with Madrid or Barcelona, ​​are in phase one of the national de-escalation.

And following these guidelines, it could be this coming Monday, May 25, where the collective training would begin. which corresponds to phase 4 of the training provided for in the League protocol and prior to the start of the competition. As happened last week, this phase jump would initially occur even when the whole country is not in the same phase. But for that, authorization by the Ministry of Health is required and it must be published in the BOE.
This last training phase would take a minimum of two weeks, which means leaving until June 8, the week before the start of the competition. In other words, there would be a total of three weeks for all professional clubs to prepare for the league start. If it is true that June 12th marks 90 days since the State of Alarm was decreed and since that date, as SPORT has been able to confirm; audiovisual operators who have the rights to the League could claim compensation from employers for not having been able to give competition matches.

As SPORT has been able to confirm, Although this phase jump was possible, group training will continue this coming Monday, as stated in the League’s own protocol. Specifically on page five where it says verbatim that “it is recommended that an approximate period of fifteen days of training by groups and / or groups prior to the return to competition.” In other words, even though these two weeks have taken place in this phase, nothing changes with respect to the fact that the League can start on June 12 because there are also two scheduled for group training. And in case these group training sessions are extended for another week, it would take us to this June 19 as other possible dates for the return of the competition, an option that has always been handled by the conscious league that requires the authorization of the government and health authorities . Anything that starts before June 28 allows the league competition to be played entirely in July, thus leaving August for European competitions. In addition, this would also allow players from teams that do not play European competitions to have 21 days off, thus opting that next season could start on the weekend of September 12.

What surely does not start next Monday are the concentrations of the teams. At the moment LaLiga, and after delaying them one week with respect to the initial date of June 18, has not communicated anything to the clubs today as to whether they can start this concentration regime from this coming Monday. Undoubtedly, the appointment this Friday with the AFE itself will be key to know how everything is. From the employers continue to bet on at least one concentration in the week before the competition.

All these issues should be fully defined in the General Assembly where the League has summoned all the clubs for next Thursday, May 28. That day we could already know more clearly the date of the league start, as long as they have the OK of the government and Health. Right now, no date can be ruled out yet.